Best Leather For Glowforge

What is everyones recommendations on the best leather to use on the GlowForge?

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Proofgrade of course! :smile:

Failing that, you want to use veg-tanned. Just specify that at any leather outlet or source.


Tandy leather has a bunch, very very deep rabbit hole.


Ok. I will check them out. I kinda stayed away from the proof grade leather because I wasn’t sure how to get color into the leather. What would be best to give the leather its color?

A quick search for “best leather” yields this:

And this:

Annnd this:

And a whole lot more. Definitely take the time to read through the search results, you’ll learn a lot.

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Ok. Thank you so much. I will check them all out.

Lots of places sell pre-dyed vegetable tanned leathers. (They’re not cheap, but neither is buying a lot of dyes, and it’s tough to get an even dye.) Just look around a bit…most of the leather places have sales or bargain bins with scraps by the pound. Those are best to learn on.

Ok. Yea didn’t want to buy dyes and stuff since I’m going to start learning how to work leather. Looking for leather that will work with the glow forge and needle and thread to start off with to try and make a few wallets.

There is a Tandy just down the way from here. I have intentionally avoided going in.

:rofl: :joy:


Just found out there is a Tandys here also lol. Didn’t know till I did some searching yesterday.

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Wise move.

that place will make you twitch. My daughter and I rolled in there a while back and got a lot of stuff. Unfortunately I have yet to use any of it. makes me sad. I think this winter I will get to turn the corner on glowforge production


I want to try my hand at making some handmade wallets and maybe a few other simple things to sell on my shop. Just got to figure out all I need to get.

my goal when I ordered my GF pro was to make a wallet. my GF arrived in November 2 years ago just prior to us moving to a new house, moving my father in law in, having him pass away in a month, then handling his house etc.

I have barely used it, and had to buy a @#$$#^%^&^&%&*^& wallet. LOL

but I am moving in the correct direction to be able to really use BEAMER in the manner to which he was intended. :slight_smile:

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Life happens sometimes and things get away from you. Hopefully things keep going good for you. My GF just stopped working 30 minutes ago lol. Its stuck on centering.

well that’s a bummer.

I learned that I need to turn off the ceiling light and it centers quicker.

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It was a network issue. Thankfully it was resolved the same day it happened.

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Great to hear that.

the network gnomes or are the trolls can be a problem.