Best logging format?

I’m realizing that my notebook is a mess. I’m jotting things down differently as I go, and I haven’t come up with a good way to list the GF settings for various materials once I pick the one I like. There are so many variables.

Care to share your formats so I can see how other folks are doing this?


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There have been other discussions of this, but it’s not the easiest thing to search for. Here are a few that I found:

Personally I have a loose google doc without a ton of rigor on the format. It isn’t pretty but it’s quick and hasn’t gotten too out of hand that my format has caused any problems so far.


I use the Bullet Journal system with a quad ruled moleskine style notebook: Bullet journaling is the right balance between simple and useful for me.

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And down another rabbit hole I go :grinning:


You and me both.

I use pen and paper, it’s just more fluid/natural for me. Here’s a couple photos of my note structure. One material per page, I try to leave space for notes, then I put a star to the left of favorites or the best options.


I use Microsoft OneNote. I make a page for each material and add settings with photos of the results. I group the pages under categories like “plastics.” (I tried a spreadsheet first, but found that I had too many notes outside the settings themselves.)

Each OneNote page isn’t particularly tidy, and the format is not consistent, but the data is easy to get when I need it.

I found it was easy to spend too much time on notes until I let myself find the right amount of sloppiness. The notes are a means, not an end.

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