Best PC, IPad, Imac or setup for the glowforge to maximize function?

I just purchased aGlowforge pro, and am currently using an iPad which seems to give me issues other dont experience. What would be the best setup for the glowforge which desktop would be the best ? What’s the best setup please let me know .

Many people are happy with their iPad experience. Many people use any old Windows machine. Others use any old Mac. Perhaps you can work out your issues with the iPad rather than invest in a new computer.

I’m just having issues with illustrator not being able to add a text , and it seems like people have an easier time using other programs and don’t have to jump through so many hoops

It is true that Illustrator for iPad can be quirky. As for text, Glowforge doesn’t recognize text from other programs. You will have to convert to path before sending it to the Glowforge.

Like I said, pretty much any computer will work as long as it can run Illustrator or Inkscape for designing your files.


I do just about all my Glowforge work on iPad (Pro, 2018, 11”). Started out using Vectornator (free) and eventually switched to Affinity Designer (cheap, no subscription). GF web UI is less friendly than a native app, but still works great in Safari.

I’ve yet to run into a design I want to do that I can’t execute on the iPad.

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I’m using a frankenstined 27" iMac from 09 with unsanctioned 32Gb RAM, unsanctioned 3.01 CPU, and an unsanctioned 2011 6970M GPU in it. As long as there’s a version of software that’ll run, the GF software is all in the cloud via a browser. Only drawbacks to touch devices is cut paste is hit or miss by device(or all miss? I only use the iMac)

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I’m sorry that you’ve run into trouble while getting started. It’s great to see that you’ve already received some advice from our other community members!

Regarding text that is created in Illustrator, when you save your SVG, there is an option you can select to convert text to outlines. We have a quick guide on our support site here that details that setting along with others that are helpful when saving SVGs from Illustrator. Please let us know if this helps!