Best place to buy laser materials in the UK

My glowforge arrived today! Very excited to use it.
I’m UK based from South Wales (Cardiff), I’m looking for the best place to buy materials? Any advice would be appreciated for a newbie!
Thank you!


My advice is to search the forum. This is a topic that come up a lot.

Search “uk materials” and you’ll get lots of info.


And since you’re new check this out



Thank you! very helpful

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Absolutely love Wales. My sister and family live in Blackwood/Oakdale, were formerly within sight of the castle in Caerphilly. My mom is in-process of moving to that area from Pembroke where she lived for 19 years, but after dad died last year she’s alone all the way out there.


Laser supplies now do mdf (and others) in exact glowforge sizes.

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Hmm, other posts are a bit old now.

I can tell you I use laser supplies or Hobarts for all mine.

Kixtronix seem quite expensive.

Prices of most materials seem to have doubled in the past year.


Hobarts is a great place to start. Good source for light laser ply.

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thank you Matthew! I will take a look on Hobarts

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I think it will serve you well at the start.

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Didn’t GF start selling materials in the UK? I seem to recall a recent discussion about a discount here in the US that wasn’t available over there.

Not saying you should stick to GF materials, just saying it’s an option - especially when you’re just starting out.

For the record hobarts was mentioned several times in the posts I pointed you toward in the first reply.

Not to say that makermatthew wasn’t being helpful, just that it seems to be a common answer, one that search was easily able to provide. Search is the best tool on this forum for sure, at this point it’s rare for someone to ask a completely new question here.

Hi! Just ordered my glow forge and I’m wondering the same thing, where to get materials. I have searched the other posts but they are all years out of date. I will watch this thread and hopefully will find somewhere!

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