Best place to find STRAIGHT wood online?

So I am a teacher and we cannot get supplies from Glowforge anymore, they required you to spend at least 2K if using a purchase order…

I have been getting Luan from home depot, but its less great than I like. Certainly not straight…

Does anyone have any favorite suppliers?

I’ve had luck with Amazon in the past:

That’s one that may work for you. Quality is usually good without fillers or voids to worry about when cutting. They tend to dry and warp pretty quickly here in Colorado, that’s probably to due more with our climate than anything, but make sure to print some hold down pins to hold down the sheets when cutting.

I’ve also used this one from there too:

Good luck!


Check out #1a.


I ordered some good stuff from HOME DEPOT. they even called it GLOWFORGE READY or some such.

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This shop has very nice quality MDF:

(Full disclosure – he’s my son-in-law, but that’s how I know how hard he works searching out the very best stuff!)


If you are using it with a filter, you will want to avoid MDF or MDF-cored plywood - which most is. If you’re venting out a window, then no concerns, otherwise look at Baltic Birch - which is layers of veneer, no MDF core.

There are plenty of online suppliers, some shared above. The good stuff from THD is called Purebond and it comes in a variety of types - but it is MDF core so refer to what I said above.

Lauan is very low quality, it is meant as underlayment, i.e. to give a smooth and level surface for tiling and such.

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Yes, definitely check out the purebond wood on the home depot website. We use the maple extensively, and it works great in our GF. Price has gone up a little in the past month, but still cheaper than most other sources we’ve found.

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