Best Practice for Cut / Score / Engrave?

Some of the starter designs included in the GFUI load up with the cut, score, and engrave information preset, e.g. the plaque and pendant. It’s clear that vector elements that are colored red are automagically set to Cut and green elements are set to Engrave. So, it there a “reserved” color for Score operations? :thinking:

I’ve re-read the PRU Manual and searched Discourse as best I can, but am not finding one. I understand that I can manually set any color to Score in the GFUI, but thinking about designs for eventual submission for the Catalog, this seems like an important capability.

To test this, I created this PDF using Affinity Design: Cut Score Engrave Question.pdf (16.1 KB)

Loading it into the GF App returned this:

Yes, I’ve sent this to @Rita :wink:


Well, that was fast.:grin:

From @Rita:

The App sets elements that are a stroke with no fill to cut and sets fills with no stroke to engrave. To score, you do need to change to the manual score.


That was in the manual :slight_smile: But you can change it in the GFUI. I originally thought it was a bug that a no fill object could be engraved but then realized it’s just how the GFUI defaults its selections for you. Those defaults aren’t required or an “only” option.

On my other lasers the fill is meaningless. It’s the stroke color that gets mapped to an operation. So I tend to use the same set of colors for objects I’m creating regardless of the machine I’m going to do the build on. By ignoring the fill, I can use a design on any of my machines but I have to take the extra step in the GFUI to fix the operation it’s assigned - but it’s something I have to do anyway in the other lasers so it’s no real issue. Just that sometimes GFUI “guesses” right :slight_smile: