Best software to use with Glowforge

What do you think the best software to use with your Glowforge?

This forum is full of threads about this. Search first, ask second is my best advice!


The best software is the one you know how to use, or are willing to invest the time to learn.


Strongly seconded!
If you just are starting out learning a program, you will find lots of help by searching Google for whatever you’re trying to do and the name of your software. My city’s public library offers free access to courses which is super for learning something new and complicated, maybe yours has something similar.


no, illustrator


Strongly thirded! The bulk of doing anything for the GF is done in the software. Pick one and learn it.

Personally I think AutoCAD is the best because I have almost 30 years of experience with it. But I use a combination of Illustrator and AutoCAD to get done what I want to do.

Thanks so much for the kind direction, it is very much appreciated. I just bought my Glowforge and did not realize i could search like this.


Ahh you’re in for quite a fun learning process.

You might want to look through the things linked in this thread:

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I think the best software is SolidWorks or Fusion360, but it all depends on what you are doing, what your experience is, and what you want to do with the software and the Glowforge.

What’s best for me is not necessarily what’s best for you. I use AI, Fusion360, GIMP, and Inkscape at different times for different things…but, even though it’s probably not “the best”, inkscape works the best for my little feeble mind. It “clicks” for me.
Find the one that clicks for you.


fourthed (or higher if I missed one)

Thanks for all the suggestions, esp the one about searching in the community for answers prior to posting. I was completely new when i posted this and now understand better how our Glowforge community works and amazingly supportive. I have immersed myself in AI and I love this program and find it almost limitless as what I need to do with my Glowforge. Thanks again to everyone for the help and direction.


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