Best type of paint for acrylic?

Hi everyone! I am making acrylic keychains and would love to paint the engraving. I have looked up so many videos and seeing a lot of different opinions. Oil based, water based, acrylic paint…Whats your go to? Thanks!

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Paints and painting have been discussed lots over the past 6 years. Lots of it depends on the types of things you are making and the look you are trying to achieve. The search function is a great resource. Here are some threads to consider: Search results for 'painting acrylic' - Glowforge Owners Forum


Thanks! I did try searching on this forum also and didn’t have much luck. I’ll continue to change my keywords.

This is just my experience working with paint on acrylic. It generally resists paint, but depending on the application, you can make it work.

If you are filling engraved areas, then even water-based acrylic will work fine because they won’t be exposed to handling. I have pieces that are years old that were engraved then filled with water-based acrylic. (Also silicone watch bands - although I used ink oil as it’s more appropriate for flexing.)

If you’re coating the exposed surface, then a solvent-based paint will have a better chance of staying adhered - but will be subject to wear over time.


Thank you for this info!!

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