Best Type of Sharpies for Tile?

There are soooo many kinds. Could someone please tell me the best type of Sharpie to use on ceramic tile? Thanks!

I can’t imagine there being any that are bad. Even dry-erase markers work fine.


I use plain sharpies which are alcohol based. Most alcohol markers will work similarly.

Some people swear by oil based sharpies. I found them hard to clean up.

Others have tried paint pens or paint sticks and gotten good results.

Go try all the stuff!


yeah, there are no “bad” answers, per se. only what gives you the result you like. i’ve even used highlighters on a tile to get more of a pale pastel look.


I use oil based ones so that in the event someone uses it as a coaster for an alcoholic drinks I don’t have to worry that spills will re-dissolve the pigment and wash or dilute it out.

I clean it off using a damp magic sponge.


While I’m not ruling out that the problem could be me, or some of the images I’ve chosen to engrave, I must dissent. While I have no best sharpie to suggest, I will recommend you not buy the Bic line of sharpie equivalents. I bought a large set of the Bic ones two Amazon Prime days ago and I think they provide a very uneven result compared to the sharpies I have.


In case anyone is curious how the highlighters looked.