Best Venting Setups?

Teacher here, I am bringing my glowforge to a new school. I wonder if anyone could link to the best possible venting setup?

I only have 1 window in the classroom which is not ideal, the glowforge filter is nice but external venting doesn’t get rid of the smells all the time, which is going to be a big factor obviously…

I need facilities to approve this because using the glowforge is integral to my curriculum. So I would love to see what everyone does.

There is no “best”, it depends on the physical arrangement of your machine, the window, the window type, etc. In-general, a 6" inline duct fan is the quietest and most effective, but you still need to consider the ducting. If you search here you will find dozens, if not hundreds, of prior discussions.

A filter cartridge can fill up in just hours of use so if the machine is “integral” to your curriculum, you must vent out the window (unless you have a big budget for replacements.)


do a search in this forum on ventilation setups, there’s lots of information and sharing of different setups…


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