Best way to make a hanging door letter?

Hi Friends!

I am finally settling in with my GF and stating to make some really amazing pieces, but one project I have not tackled yet is making a large door hanging piece. I’m sure you’ve all seen them the letter ‘R’ in cursive that is inside a circle, hanging neatly with a bow on a front door. That’s what I am looking to do. Right now, I don’t think my bed is large enough to cut this in one pass – so I think I am going to break it up into two cuts and then glue/join them together somehow.

I just wanted to reach out and see if anyone had any advice or tips on how to best achieve this? Thanks as always and happy creating!


I don’t know if it makes sense for your application, really, but @evansd2 has taken flat joins to a new level, recently: Planar butt jointing techniques

@JeremyNielsen did a nice clock with some piecing, too: Clock! – this one might actually be more applicable to your project.

@jbmanning5’s keyhole hangers might come in handy, too: Keyhole Hangers


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