Beta Catalog Project - Desktop Tool Carousel


Another catalog print for you!

I added a little embellishment to it as it’s for my desk at work. Enjoy.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 1st, 2017

elegant embellishment - I like it!


Love the organizational choices! :relaxed:


I have one of these on my desk! But you probably knew that. :slight_smile:


No fair you get to be home laser-ing and organizing pens while I’m lost in Detroit!


EDIT: I’m apologize for the error in asking these questions - I missed that @chadmart1076 is a Beta and not a pre-release user.

Questions deleted


Sounds like 3 strikes right there.

  1. No laser.
  2. Lost.
  3. In Detroit.

My deepest sympathies.


Sounds like the beginning of a remake for Blue Brothers … :grin:


Hey, I’d probably watch it if it started with that.


I can’t really answer, so I’ll leave it to @dan or other staff, or pre-release users to add some insight.


That’s awesome!!!


Dude, no need to bash Detroit… not cool… We don’t look down on you because your city isn’t this cool…


Don’t get me wrong. I’m a Michigan native. Detroit is an amazing place with some great culture. At the same time, It has had significant decline over the years, and I won’t go there without a gun.


Is the big billboard still there on one the the interstates leaving town that had the big graphic bullet holes on it and said something like “Come back, we missed you!” One of my best friends in college was from Detroit. He was proud and loud (which being from Texas I can appreciate)


Hmmm who would have Guessed? Ha


This is awesome! Is this the first public use of the catalog by a beta user!?