Beta day - two (Corrugated Cardboard)

Sadly I have only a short note to post from yesterday. Work (AKA real work) was busy and my all important Glowforge progress was frustrated by too many interruptions from pesky clients.

I am working on an idea for a toy, but the design is not quite there yet. I was doing all my prototyping with corrugated cardboard and did learn some interesting things about lasering the material.

Magnets are your friends, and the steel grid is great! Since the cardboard has a natural warp along the corrugations a few strategically placed magnets will help ensure that all your cuts are the same, and that when pieces get cut through and drop they stay in focus (if you have screwed up your cut order). On that note being able to control the cut orders is a good thing!

Anyway the thing is still not where I want it to be, but on the plus side I now have lots of cardboard circles.

Stacking them up and playing with them leads to new ideas, and the corrugations look really cool when you turn the circles at slightly different angles.


thats a lot of cuts though! Cant wait to see how this all comes together!

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Thank you!
It’s the next best thing to having one to experiment with.
Are you allowed any video posting?

Dan said yes to video posting! Im fiendin for some cut videos. I would LOVE to see a video of both vector cuts and engraving.

Have you had any time to try any engraving yet btw?

That was many multiple attempts to get it right. I was just not thinking clearly about the constraints of trying to get a curved hole through a stack of slices from a sphere. (yes I know that is not a good explanation).

@printolaser I think the answer is yes, and I keep meaning to rig something up to hold my phone. My wife has a decent DSLR that shoots video but I am not sure she will trust me with it since I tend to break things (@dan is not reading this, right?). If I can I will.


I could foresee this being one of the most downloaded laser-cut templates out there if you made one… haha
probably only need to be about a foot tall depending on your phones FOV


Fascinating–my partner’s first project for my future Forge is a tube with a curved hole running through it.


Feel free to start a thread if he is willing to let the idea out here. I would be happy to provide what little useful experience I have so far.

My project basically is a hollow sphere (imagine a thick shelled egg) with small holes running through the shell all the way around. Now slice that up, cut out the slices, and recombine them leaving equidistant gaps between the slices.

So far I have not figured it out.


Could you not use oblong holes? just wide enough to handle the wire at an angle? having the same setup on multiple side should provide stability…

either that, or also cut out the separating stilts from cardboard in an L shape with tiny tabs on each end to stick through the holes…

All good ideas, thanks!

I kind of want the holes to follow the curve of the shell, and instead of wire I am feeding though long thin brass spring I make. You can see a pice of it in the pictures. I am planning to thread small spacers over the spring to keep the layers separate.

The real struggle is finding a tool chain that will let me model this in such a way that I can adjust the size, and shape (don’t just want a sphere) without having to redraw it all every time.


Hmmmmm. I’m not getting it; guess I’ll wait for the end result. Still, it does seem like it’s not the tool but rather the modeling that is the difficulty. Which is encouraging to me. Now I need to really get cracking on all those modeling programs, so I’m ready.


maybe this?

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What’s that red Ethernet cord doing in there?! :slight_smile: I’m guessing this one isn’t wifi-able (because it’s am oldie-but-goodie) and doesn’t reflect a much desired change in the design to include an Ethernet port?

Fixed it for you. :grin:


Although that would certainly work, it is not the aesthetics I am looking for.
I will render something up, since the input is helpful!

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@takitus this is pretty close to what I am looking for (although it is hard to interpret.


Ah I didnt see the part about it being a spring… this way you can open it to store things inside… hmmm

Run it like you stole it. We are depending on you. :grinning:

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To paraphrase, “Damn the clients, full speed ahead!”

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Wow! Really? Clearly my scale of how big this thing is not quite there! Thanks!