Beta day - two (Corrugated Cardboard)

There is an app for the iPhone and iPad called 123D make that allows you to make containers and then it will slice them and Put them into cut sequence. Doesn’t work the same on the computer, on my phone you just draw and line and shape and it creates the container for you

You probably don’t want true video (eg DSLR). For 3D printing we use webcam type cameras (my printer has an embedded raspberry pi and the camera is mounted above the bed looking across/down). And you do time lapses. I mean a video of a cut taking 20-30 minutes is painful, a time-lapse that lasts 20-30 seconds is sweet.

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I’d, personally, like to see real-time video of the machine running. There’s already a fair bit of marketing video out there, I’d like to see what the machine actually does. I’m curious what it sounds like and how fast it is, two things that don’t translate well when timelapsed.

It’s like that skit from Chappelle’s Show, the one where “everything looks cooler in slow motion”. Everything also looks cooler in timelapse. I crave information and I don’t think timelapses deliver it.

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Yes I agree a 1-time video of it running would be cool (although in beta form hard to know if the steppers are calibrated - anyone with a 3D printer knows stepper noise can vary widely with tuning). But after that you want time lapse. The nice thing is someone mods something like Octoprint (maybe Octolase??) is that it does realtime streaming AND time-lapse at the same time. So I am watching my printer right now in realtime stream and it is also making a time-lapse in the background (synced with z-axis changes)

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Like this. This is the realtime stream, and you see on the tabs, the time-lapse (at the end of the his print - sigh another 6 hours) we will have a mpg file at 720p

As an owner of 3 3D printers, I never get bored watching it print. I’d rather a 1:1 video of the 'forge in action vs. a timelapse.

I’d like to see the whole op. From design, to CAM (Some kind of vector app to either GF web app or plug-in) seeing what the forge does when it receives the op. Pressing the button- then the op in well operation.

The other thing also 3D print jobs can run for hours. As the GF does things in minutes. So a 1:1 would not take that long.


All I have is an iphone and the DSLR, so that will have to do for now.
We will all need to wait and see what passes the “beta contract” test but I will try.

The iPhone can also do time lapses as well as HD video…

I don’t have a 3D printer (I know I know) so I have not needed to experiment with that. So far the GF has been fast enough that a time lapse would be “blink and you missed it”. Unless you want to sit there and watch me try and figure out how to draw stuff. That takes forever. :grin:


Take what strikes you from our ideas and wishes but you are the capitan here, free to chart the course.
Don’t let us distract your own vision!
That sphere with the spring looks like a solid challenge. Forge ahead!

Thank you for your valuable time, and for spending some of it sharing your education with us… we are eating it up!


I was thinking about this a little, and I now agree with you a little
more. Real-time video would probably get old after a while.

I guess it boils down to what you’re trying to convey with your video; are you showing a project or are you showing the machine?
I was pretty mad at Formlabs during their Kickstarter because the NEVER
showed a video of what the Form1 (3D printer) looks like in actual operation.
Not… one… video. Now I’m mad at them because their software blows.

So that stack of cuts was seconds, minutes or hours?

If it is seconds-few minutes then yeah, just go with video (anything longer is going to annoy you because your phone is tied up!). But I’d shoot at a slower frame rate (say 10fps) and then “retime” the video before uploading to say it’s really a 30fps video (that way you get 3x speedup). You can of course do that with a 30fps video and just tell it, it’s a 60fps video which gives you the 2x but will be a larger file.

I imagine there will be less epic-fail videos in a captive lasering system than in 3D printers, which are more fun to watch. This is the output of an epic fail I generated last night off the raspberry pi (total cost $35 + $19)

haha. Imagine a realtime video of a Form1 printing. Who needs ambien? We have one in the lab, and it is soooooo slow…

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It is slow, but it’s slow in person as well. If a Form1 owner can’t handle the boredom of watching an uninteresting video ONE TIME then they’re not going to be happy watching it in person either. It’s not like you’d have to sit there and watch it whole time (“it” being the video or the real machine).

Basically, in my opinion, reluctance to show what your product actually is is a sign that you have something to hide. I wish I felt stronger about that opinion back when I was a Form1 backer, perhaps I would have sold it on eBay for a profit instead of being continuously disappointed by it like I am now.


You had a chance to play with any of the top down SLA printers?

No, but when I win the lottery I will have my Carbon3D!!!


Thank you. Never thought to see if there was an app like that for my iPad. I just downloaded it and will see how it works.

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It isn’t the best tool in the world but once you get the hang of it, it has some neat outcomes

I have no idea why the power cord we brought Josh was red, but that is on us.