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I have just attempted to cut a job on my golwforge but for some reason it cut the previous job again. Though I centered the new job on the material on the print bed, the old job was printed where the old job was… and so it wasn’t positioned where i put the new material.

please provide feedback


If you can recall the date and time of the failed print that will help out support. My guess from what i have read on the forum it could have been caused by hitting the ready button on the image that printed accidentally a second time and not canceling that print that was sent to the machine.

I’m so sorry to hear that you ran into this snag.

I’d like to review this particular print. Would it be possible to obtain the date and time in which the trouble occurred?

Once we can review the log files, I’ll send over the next best steps.

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I just had this problem that having copy-pasting a job a while back when just loading a line it pasted the old job I had copy/pasted before. I did not think it a big thing and simply erased it, but others could be more flustered.

I hope your Glowforge is performing well for you. Since we haven’t heard back about this issue, I’m going to close this ticket. We want you to enjoy your Glowforge and are here to help.