Beta Project: 1:12 Scale Bench



Hello again,

On my way to grab lunch at the PCC across from our office, I spied a wooden bench that looked like a natural test project for the GF.


A quick SketchUp study. I couldn’t replicate the design exactly as 1/8" is the thinnest Proofgrade wood I’ve got and every other member in the bench is thinner than 1/8" at 1:12 scale. But 1/8" is perfect for modeling 2X materials at 1:12.

Design in AutoCAD. Not much to look at.

And the assembled model joined by 1/8" basswood dowels. Very sturdy…no glue.

And then across the street for a photoshoot at Green Lake. I also lasered a little man for scale. Should’ve cadded up a hipster, but Generic Cad Man will do.

Happy lasering!


Looks like the start of a great set of furnishings for your next landscape model.
Just saying…


I basically want @RyanL to follow me around and miniaturize everything I see with his Glowforge.


what are the dimensions of that because well it looks much larger then a GF can do ?


Perspective is a tricky thing :wink:


Well it appears to be about 1 & 5/8" deep, so about 1 & 1/2" high and about 5" long. :grin:


I think with miniatures, the more precise the cuts and assembly, the harder it is to tell how small it is. This one is gorgeous! I’m guessing that the two colors for the cuts are so the tinier cuts can be done first. Right, Dan? Just checking my understanding of how the software works.


This is whats going to be most enjoyable about the Glowforge…more lasers for creative people not just for companies making stuff…
Love this :heart::heart::heart:


wow I’m impressed for the scale and the excellent perspective.:slight_smile: excellent job


What I love is you can create at that scale with no splintering and the wood choice doesn’t show the grain pattern which makes the false perspective absolutely complete.


Based on your height don’t most things seem a little miniaturized to start with… :slight_smile:


I don’t know why he made them two colors, but that definitely would have allowed him to order the cuts if he wanted.


No good reason for the different colors. I’m just used to putting different elements on different layers (in AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc) so I can deal with them differently. Unnecessary here as every line is a cut.


I have been using different colors for cuts so that the inner most cuts drop first.
If the material is thin and/or a bit warped it helps make subsequent cuts more accurate.


CORRECTION: I purposefully made the two cuts different colors so that the innermost cuts would drop first. I find it makes the subsequent cuts more accurate. @jkopel :wink:


Very good point. We do the same thing with our plasma tables.


Thanks for the tip @jkopel.


Ha, hilarious!


A few years ago, I worked for a business that was destroyed by a Madoff-style CEO (he Madoff with $100K). I had to go through his e-mails after he left, and in one series of messages, his similarly vile wife was berating him for not having yet bought their three-year-old twins an $1,800 mid-century modern dollhouse she wanted. This post has demonstrated to me that maybe my next career should be using the Glowforge to make exquisite play furniture for such dollhouses, because this bench is truly worthy of an $1,800 setting. It also looks well-made enough to stand up to three-year-old twins.


I wish I could say I thought of it. I read it on a great website where someone went through a huge list of tricks and tips for setting up laser cuts.

Of course I can’t find the link ATM.