Beta Project 1_JM - Gift Tags



Here is one of the first projects I worked on … created on a flight to New York! These tags are designed to be incorporated into the package design with cut outs for the ribbon to lace through.

The first was in done in 1/8" wood

Then attempted in acrylic with snowflake etches on the back and text on the front. I thought there would be more definition (or something) printing on the front and back but it didn’t really come out that way

In the end the wood wins but might just be a style preference!

Secret santa ribbon holder
Beta Project 5_JM - Kiddo Coasters

Love it this is a great way to personalize under the christmas tree


This is a really wonderfully subtle design - it doesn’t look like anything special until you put the ribbon on it, then the whole gift is transformed.


This is fantastic!! Provided that I get it before Christmas I’ll definitely be doing something similar!!


Squeeeeeeeee! :grin:


Wow another great idea, and great beta user. Thanks


Really Im going to follow all your beta projects, this kind of designs are wonderful and not that hard. Great job :wink:


So cool!


I actually like the acrylic one the best. That is such a cool idea too. :grin:


…Deep breath Jules… :smile:

@martinell.jan, wonderful idea!


Worth the price of admission here. Once again, excelling at simple customizations will be so cool.

I auction and raffle off all kinds of dinners, big seven course affairs that last all evening. Making a napkin/serviette clip like this will be a great way to have a keepsake token. One of my most precious foodie items is the clothespin from The French Laundry. I literally planned my vacation around the reservation. Took three weeks of calling to finally get it back then.

Thanks for the inspiration.


Ditto from me. That acrylic looks so much more ‘sparkly’ and Christmasy to me. You could even glue on some sequins or rhinestones to add more sparkle.


Haha, Lasered and bedazzled! Now you’re talking! :grinning:


BLINGGGG! :smiley:


Or colorfill to make the wording pop. Beautiful project though ! Maybe add some sort of smaller ribbon or hook with the present to make it into an ornament after opening the gift ( I know I’d put it on my tree!!!) :evergreen_tree:


As someone who thinks acrylic is just plastic I generally keep quiet when the material comes up, but I also like it better here. Now, if I could tie a ribbon that didn’t look like it was attacked by a rabid cat…


Ditto! :cat2:


Amazing Work! So excited to have you Beta Testing the Glowforge! :smile:


i quite like that idea.


Thanks :slight_smile: