Beta Project 6_JM - Leather Keychains



I have had these on my want to do list for a few days. Design takes me far longer than I anticipate!

but once I got the template down (and calibrated by my in house engineer) swapping out text was super fast!

Cut them out

Added a little color and in an evening we have fun new key chains … honestly they were so fast this will be a great go to when I need a quick gift!


Wow! Where’s the hardware from?


Looks like just a regular harpy shackle and some kind of rivet :wink:

These are awesome and this is probably my first


Is “harpy” a nickname of the buckle thing?

I tried Googling “harpy”, but that didn’t go anywhere. Then I Googled “u-shaped ring with pin” and it came right up as “anchor shackles”. Thanks robots! (and the people and infrastructure that made them possible)


Your work is inspiring . Which state are you in?


Very nice work, Jan. Love the Sam Browne Button.


Yeah, I had the same question. Very cool!


I plan on key chains being a staple. Love your design and seeing the process. I was thinking it would be relatively simple, but that looks great.


I can think of about a billion uses for leather straps! Great job Jan (& Chad)! :smiley:

What font did you use for the “Do stuff that matters” quote? That is perfect for leather.


Very cool. I like the hardware also.


I found them locally at craft stores … the harpy shackle pieces were 50% off at Hobby Lobby in the jewelry/bead section and the Sam Browne buttons at Michaels in their very little leather section.


Thanks, glad you are enjoying the projects! We are in Washington


Thanks! Sam Browne Buttons… I had no idea that’s what those pieces are called :slight_smile:


I went in thinking it would be a breeze couple rectangle and circles … then I realized I had to measure things and the thickness of the leather matters and placement of the holes … I just want to make pretty things why do I have to do math


Billion, that’s a lot :slight_smile: the font is Mark My Words … it’s a free download so you probably can’t sell anything using it but I agree it’s a good one!


I’m heavily into kink. :wink: (Okay, maybe not quite a billion.) :sweat_smile:

Edit: I just downloaded that font, and the creator does list it as PUO, so yeah, you wouldn’t want to sell anything that you made with it.

It’s been a while since I went font-surfing. I didn’t realize folks were now licensing fonts. (Bummer! That makes things a bit more complex. :confounded:)



A great resource for leather supplies here in Western WA (Olympia/Thurston County) is Shipwreck Beads. Warning: it is a HUGE warehouse with tons of stuff for beading (it’s easy to spend way too much time and money there). They’ve got a decent section of leather supplies, all kinds of buckles, tools, findings, etc.


Oh, this is great!! Love the simplicity, but the functionality of it!!


We were going to check out MacPherson, but they are closed on Sundays… so we might have to check them out another weekend. This weekend is pretty busy though with the NW Chocolate Festival!


Chocolate Festival? where? - Rich