Beta project 8 1/2 (Wood Beads)



Super quick stupid little project since I am tired of fighting with a recalcitrant web site all day.

Sometimes the boxes are as much fun as the toys…
I have all these little scraps accumulating because I can’t bear to throw them away.
These are little circles of ¼” plywood from other projects.

Or rather they were, now they are beads.

I made a grid of 1/16” circles and cut it into a piece of chipboard.

Then I arranged the circles and cut the holes.

I happen to know a few people who like beads…
Bonus boring video.

Optical Alignment - possible for multiples?

It may be project 8 1/2 but I give it a 10! Because Glowforge in action! :smile::smile::smile::smile:


The noise of (what I presume is) the exhaust/assist air fans spinning up makes the aersospace geek in me feel all warm and fuzzy.


GIA vid! FTW! :grinning:


This is the first video where I get a sense of the noise level of the fans.

Modest, but not overwhelming.


Are permitted to share the speed and power setting (% of max.) you used for the holes in the 1/4" plywood?


When I got the plasma and started rending big pieces into smaller ones, I tossed all the scrap worth keeping into a box.
I have dug through and found odd shapes that could be used for anything from more art to custom brackets.
I wouldn’t throw those away either, you never know what might prove useful.
(Otherwise known as hording.)


who uses these words? thank goodness for google :wink: (i actually really appreciate you extensive vocabulary, keep it up)

I hope that there is an option to change your tool path so it doesn’t always cut left to right like it does in the video. It will save time if you can cut the opposite direction on your way back.

lastly, well done @jkopel i appreciate your work


Ha, use 'em or lose 'em.
I only ever managed to learn one language, so I figured I better learn it well.


I have a big box of wood scraps from the table and band saws myself, lol…


Could make all sorts of fancy designs on em to hand out with info on the back like business cards.
Or just make poker chips.


As someone inexperienced with lasers, I was surprised by the speed at witch those holes were cut. I realize they are small holes but I just imagined the machine would be moving slower to cut through the 1/4" ply.


Very nice sound and light show! Amazed at how fast it buzzed through. Thanks for showing the vid.


That’s a brilliant way to align those holes @jkopel ! I tend to hoard laser scrap too – the shapes are just so pretty :grin: I’ve also been trying to come up with ways to use all of it up, and have done some earrings with some. But, the other day, I got the idea on how to use a bunch of these Mah-Jongg tile-size scraps I have (which I’ve been previously considering turning into a Mah-Jongg set once I get the GF and can align with the cameras). Instead, I drilled holes in them and turned them into new product tags for the store, to replace my terrible old paper tags – here’s a pic:


Boring video? BORING VIDEO?!? Wha…?!?

Okay, deeeeeep breath… and… release. All better.

I know some people that like beads, too. Even the little wood bits pre-bead. Preschoolers! If you ever do end up with a giant bin full of these things, holes or no holes, and want to get rid of some, find a local preschool that embraces working with these kinds of materials. Hilltop Children’s Center and Stroum Jewish Community Center’s preschool would both likely take them near Seattle. (Note: I didn’t ask them and am not affiliated with either, so call first.)

Love the videos. Any videos.


Interesting idea, I will look into that thanks!


Now THAT is brilliant!


Just ask me and I can tell you. :slight_smile: We’re cutting proofgrade 1/4" plywood at 400 mm/min at full power on a basic (40w). We’re still tweaking a lot of variables so the final speed should be that fast or faster.


We were originally planning to do a lot of work on order-of-operations but it turns out it makes a fairly small difference in the total print time. We’ll get to it eventually but right now we’re fond of saying, “Go home, traveling salesman, you’re drunk.”

Randomized print head movement while printing?

The holes appear to be the same size, is there something obviously different about the material that would account for some “flaring up” and other just being a little smokey?