Beta Project 8_JM - Happy Valentine's Day


A test in multiplicity that worked great! Had my two favorite twins draw a Valentine that I attached to bubbles and bags of gum balls!!

Took the drawings back home & loaded the hand drawn Valentine into the Glowforge… scanned and shrunk the 11"x 8.5"" drawing down to 3"x 2" and duplicated each drawing 22 times! (Sorry dog ate the original drawings! They were pretty cute but you get the idea!)

Ended up with super sweet Valentine’s that don’t look like any store bought nonsense!


Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending February 18, 2017

I’m in LOVE!


Those turned out really good!


That is awesome!


Those are adorable! (I want to get on your valentine distribution list!) :relaxed:


Me too! But I’m too far so better send one to @Jules :sweat_smile:


Ha! “I ‘CHEWS’ You!” I like that!


Super cute and fun idea!


great puns and gorgeous gifts! :heart_eyes:


At first, I have to admit, I thought scan and burn was just more of gimmick, but seeing how it’s being used has turned me into a true believer in regards to it’s potential usefulness. Love those tags.


People thought the automatic transmission was a gimmick.
Heck, people thought that the auto perambulator was a gimmick.


Let’s go a huge step further… People thought television was a gimmick. There’s some famous line like “Neat toy. But it will never be affordable enough to appeal to the masses.”


Fabulous! The handwriting makes it.


:slight_smile: My favorite was Liam’s rendition of a circle/bubble not being very round and Grace’s ribbon cut out being one of the hearts she drew!