Beta Project 9_JM - Sunglass Case


I thought it would be fun to make a sunglass case mixing a living hinge wood exterior with etched panels and a leather interior. It quickly became a project with structural credit (and a lot more) going to @chadmart1076 ! Several hand sketches and enlistment of my said in-house CAD designer we finally came up with a winning design

The front features an etched panel with a leather flag tab that secures the top flap to a button closure .

The interior is lined with teal dyed leather integrating an etched world map to tie in the theme

And the back is etched with one of my favorite quotes

We weren’t without ‘several’ failed attempts in this project and learned when using a large living hinge a bit of patience when designing and trying to fit multiple tabs into tight curves is a minimum requirement and there’s a maximum amount of tension you can ask tabs and gorilla glue to hold. We knew this was our first attempt when we saw the bowing! Second attempt I snapped in half with with sheer strength!

<img src="/uploads/glowforge/original/3X/7/d/7dda1ccbd3a47e41f2418cc9f7f34a5de5ecfd1c.JPG" width=187" height=“250”>

But the third was a winner & in general we both learned a lot with this project! The least of which is my gap between concept to a final product!! I can see where personally I’ll make great use out of that credit for the design catalog!

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 4th, 2017
March 2017 update

Wow - another elegant creation! I am, once again, inspired!


Now, this is very cool… nice work! From concept to creation to refinement to final version is a great, patient, but worthwhile journey. I really like this idea. Still wanna do a living hinge project some time, and since I wear glasses, this is a perfect idea :slight_smile: The interior leather with engraving and the outer piece for the clasp is really neat. And I like the blue! Did you dye it yourself? What did you use if so?
Thanks for sharing


This thing looks amazing in person!


Ooh. I just had an idea that we could have etched stars into the map for the places that you have visited! Or for the places that you want to visit!


Thanks :slight_smile: I did dye it with teal leather dye … although their version of teal is far different from mine I would classify this as blue!


Yes!!! Next one… how about etched stars where we want to go then I can paint them in after we go!


I love the mix of color and plywood!


I love how this turned out. I love that you utilize both the inside and outside of the case. Well done!


Oh squeeeee! That’s a beautiful design, and I love that hinge pattern! Great job on it! :grinning::+1:


This turned out gorgeous! Was awed by the outside and the lining made it even better.


Awesome teamwork Martinells! I’m really happy you’ve still got a Beta unit because you keep cranking out some awesome stuff.


Pin nails are good for this. A pin nailer is something like $30 on Amazon and the “nails” are cheap. They’re usually 23ga so fit nicely in holding slotted tabs. Helps keep everything tight as the glue dries.


Oh what a spectacular idea! I was leaning towards tack hammer and tiny brads, but a nailer is a much better idea for this small stuff. :smile:


Nicely done. Nice to know this works; I’ve been thinking about an almost identical construction.


That is beautiful, great work! It’s nice to hear you talk about the failed attempts as well.


Green winged teal, blue winged teal, cinnamon teal, at least it’s one of the teals.

I like the color.


Anyone see my jaw? It dropped and I can’t seem to find it. Great work!


Another vote for the pin nailer. They are just pins tho, so you have to remember to put them at an angle or perpendicular to the forces you’re expecting. (With a regular air nailer there’s enough holding power that you can just zap them straight in an use and clamps.)


Oh my! This is stunning!