Beta Project: Another light switch cover

This week was a good week with the Glowforge; I finished two projects. The first one I finished was inspired by a thread on the owners forum about the unsexiest thing you will make with your GF. The Unsexiest Thing I Am Going To Make With My Glowforge - #6 by Drea

In that thread someone talked about wanting to make a light switch cover to avoid needing to patch a hole in his drywall, and several posters pointed out that a light switch cover does not need to be boring. I recently had some electrical work done in my 1930 house that left me with holes in my lathe and plaster that I have been putting off patching, and that thread turned on a light bulb for me.

I used some free art nouveau vector scrollwork as a starting point for a design that fits the character of the house. I gave it a coat of super glossy paint, and I plan to do a few more to get an even finish reminiscent of porcelain. For now a huge wind and rainstorm is preventing me from doing any more spray painting, so I have screwed it on as is.

Just as I was writing this post I saw the owl light switch cover that was posted today. So I guess this is an idea who’s time has come. :smile: Owl Light Switch Plate Cover!

My second project this week was helping a friend make awards for some dedicated volunteers. I will add a post about that soon.


Wow! That’s simple and very, very lovely.


Simple. Good lookin’. Functional.

I’ve got a bunch of holes in my walls that need to be filled.


So was the white/beige color painted onto the wood then lasered? Or is this a two-toned (coated) substrate that is already white except where lasered?

Very nicely done! Practical and custom creativity ftw!


Love it! (Would totally fit in my kitchen.):smiley:

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Great design and a beautiful way to solved a practical problem.

What a cover idea! :wink:

Hi Pigheaded. I spray painted it white after lasering. I was surprised to see the way that the spray paint stayed out of the engraved areas almost entirely. For future projects I may take more advantage of that. For this one I would like to add a few more coats of glossy spray paint whenever I can get a decently dry and non-windy day to do it. So maybe I will have to wait until spring. :slight_smile:


Very nice @maryellen!
Pretty shiny repair! Thank you for sharing that.

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I love it, nice job!

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Very nice! I’m a big fan Art Nouveau and also look forward to the Forge adding some nice switchplates to the house. Thanks for sharing!


I’m out of likes today, but since I’m the dodo who cut the hole in the wrong place, I really really gotta say that I like your light switch cover.


I wonder, can you spray paint a flat surface and then put your piece down onto that so as to sort of “ink” it (instead of with a roller)?

I don’t think I could spray something and have it not go into the engraved areas like you did! Quite some talent there!

Worth a shot , but I would think that normal quick-drying spray paint might not be the best for that method. If you lay a thick enough coat to stay wet while you do your ‘printing’ it may likely be thick enough to get up into the engraving anyway, and might not get an surface texture (must maintain consistent coverage and surface tension as it dries to avoid ripples and finish variations), although that will also depend greatly upon the material and depth of engraving.