Beta Project: "Buzz" Gun



January 1st I am starting my own business making props. To work on my portfolio I decided to make Steampunk weapons for my unsuspecting friends. This is the most recent one, I affectionately call it the Buzz Gun. What’s more ridiculous than a bayonet on a pistol? When the bayonet is a circular saw blade. Nearly every part of this was made on the Glowforge. I feel the need to improve the blade and there are a few flaws yet remaining but this is 99% finished and I quite like it. I have no idea how I am going to make a holster for it.


Kallisti, it was awesome meeting you at Maker Faire. I’m glad you didn’t bring this because you probably would have been arrested. For unrelenting amazingness. Wow!


Very cool. I like the detail on the side of the barrel. .


Thanks! You guys were all a blast to talk with.


Very imaginative. Now Simon Legree doesn’t have to haul you all the way to the sawmill and tie you to the log.


Wow, this is amazing!!! The craftsmanship and creativity (saw blade, I love it!!) is wonderful, love all the little details.


For the holster, why not start with something shaped like a circular saw safety, then add leather straps to hold the rear portion of the gun. It wouldn’t be a quick draw, but it would be functional lol :wink:


A neat addition might be a flashy pattern on the blade.


The whole front assembly is modular so I think I’ll be making another one after the convention this weekend.


That is so cool. I have a feeling your new business venture will be a smashing success.


Whoa! this is way too cool for words…:heart_eyes:


Maybe a led light strip on the inside edges of the blade barrels to light up reflective or irridescent elements on the blade?


At this point it would take some pretty significant work to add that but I feel as though I will be making more of this style and that is a great idea I will add to my To Do list for the next one.


Very cool. If the blade seems too plain just cut out some sections with a bit of spiral pattern for example.
That much “metal” would be front heavy so cutting out some would fit the design.


I thought a ‘buzz gun’ was going to be a taser. Lol.

I’m glad (and a little relieved) to see it’s another super cool prop.


A new blade was designed, built, and installed today. I am quite happy with it. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the old one. :slight_smile:


very good! I like the improvement, adds more steampunk.


I think maybe some black teeth within the teeth surrounded by the white might make it pop.


Good idea, I’ll do some hand detail work later.


Boy, it must be nice to have a Glowforge!