Beta Project - Camel Up Pyramid

What happens when you find a new game you enjoy that has parts that are too well loved?
You rebuild them of course!

We tried Camel Up at Blue Highway Games in Seattle (specifically Queen Ann) last week and it was quite fun! Their pyramid however was horribly well loved!

I said to Jan “I think we can remake this on the Forge!”

It was Cider & Coloring night, so I took the pyramid apart and traced it onto paper with a colored pencil. When I got home I took some measurements and designed it up in CAD.

Added stonework and logos in Inkscape…

And we now have a new, improved, and working pyramid!

The original is a pretty clever design. There are two layers of pyramid in the original. At first I thought the inner piece was there for stability and since I was making this out of wood, I didn’t think it was necessary. My first iteration I found that the dice were getting hung up on the flat interior. The inner piece on the original was to funnel the dice to the center… not for stability. I added some angled guides, slotted into the internal piece (sorry didn’t get a pic of that) to help with it, and the second iteration worked much, much better!

Game play requires complete anonymity of the 5 colored dice as players are betting on the order of reveal. After shaking, the pyramid is turned upside down, the sliding piece is depressed allowing a single die to enter the hollow top of the pyramid.

The new ‘GF’ version came out perfect! It’s sturdier, customized and I dare say better than the original!


Oh wow! It looks really cool - I didn’t realize it was laser-made at first and thought it was the old one!


Man, I’ve been eyeing that game for a while. This posting pushed me over the edge. Ordered it…:+1:


Branding miss, the game really should have been named Camel Cup :wink: but fun game and this is a stellar upgrade!


Dang! You edited! (It was funnier the other way…) :smile:

I updated it in the Weekly Highlights too.


Excellent! Just excellent!


This look like a really fun game. Definitely looks like it will last a lot longer then the old pyramid. :smiley:
Looks like another game to add to my long list of games to check out.
I love all the amazing game related projects @chadmart1076!
Keep them coming :sunglasses:


Thanks! Games are the primary reason that I decided to get a Glowforge in the first place, so I’m glad that the projects are well-received.

Camel Up has been on my “to play” list for quite some time, and I’m glad I finally took the opportunity to play it. I would recommend having more than two players though. This play was just Jan and I, and while it was still fun, I think the betting portion of the game would be much tighter and provide more important decisions if you had more players.

This was a store copy, and the pyramid was donated to them, but later on, if I can find Camel Up at the right price, then I’ll pick it up… and then I’ll make myself a laser-cut pyramid of my own!


I’m pretty sure that pyramid is cool, but I couldn’t really focus after I heard “cider and coloring night.” Please explain?


What a great idea!

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RIGHT?! It was pretty fun! Chad made Meeple coloring sheets too :slight_smile:


That is so crazy, a couple of the developers on the UI got together at Cafe Mox and ended up playing Camel Up and we all immediately started chatting about how much better the pyramid would be on a laser. Awesome to see it actually happen! @jonathanpark @christine they did it!