Beta Project: Design Shop Puzzles


Recently made these 2 puzzles with the new beta unit I now have. :slight_smile: Bought from the design store and instantly added to my account as available. Stick in some 1/8" Beta proofgrade hardwood. Add an uploaded image and sized each pic to the cut file in the GF create interface, and even resized each puzzle to 2 different sizes. Place the new art work together exactly where I want, and reach over to press the button. Cake. :glowforge:

Here’s some pics!

Thanks for checking this project out! :grin: :glowforge:

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Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 22nd, 2017

That half dog/half fish might be a tough puzzle if you didn’t see the end result. What kind of animal is that??


Great design. Have used the GF puzzle a couple of times.

I know there is no end to puzzle generators but will plug this one.

You set up the number of columns and the dimensions which will determine the number of rows and number of pieces. Or change the piece shape. It exports a SVG file. Just overlay your preferred image. Open it in Inkscape or upload directly to the GF. In Inkscape you can round the edges of the puzzle in one step if you want. Create a preview or download the SVG. Very easy to use.


Those are going to be a big hit! (Your little gal looks like she approves too!) :smiley:


Bubble bubble bubble, guppy guppy guppy, bubble guppy, bubble guppy, bubble guppies!

It’s a kids show! Very confusing


Dog fish of course, but much cuter than the ones I normally catch.


I love the arial view of little one + puzzle = focus. :slight_smile:


Oh, SO cute to see it in action. What great fun! Thanks for sharing that.


Very nice ! you could make it two sided to really make it more challenging!


Very cute! I like the owl one too!

Congrats on getting a newer Glowforge! I’ll bet that made you happy :relaxed:


Thanks so much for this!


Thanks, bookmarked.


Too cute!