Beta Project - Dice Tower V.2



A friend at work said “If you really like me you’ll make me a dice tower!”

I’ve been toying around with a dice tower design anyway, so I figured why the heck not. Version 1 was pretty bad. I tried to make it two pieces so it could fold up… My design was pretty bad, and too big, so I moved on to version 2. I’m still not 100% happy with it, so more designs will come… but here’s what I have so far!

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending February 4, 2017

That looks like a rolling good time.


I take it you really like your friend :slight_smile:

Nice work!


I’m definitely interested in making these…and maybe selling it if my designs are good enough!


Cool :sunglasses:


Awesome! (Bet the kids would like something like that for their epic battles over the holidays!) :relaxed:


:slight_smile: I haven’t seen one of those since I was a kid at my grandmother’s house! Design looks great. We’ll done


King of Tokyo dice!


I too have been toying with ideas for dice towers. The living hinge had come to mind. Nice to see that it works! Thanks for sharing. :grinning:


I wanted to make sure it could roll them so designed it for their size.


And Dice Masters :slight_smile:

Nice work but I am curious why the radius instead of a more durable solid angle.


I wanted to use a living hinge in the design… I don’t like it though, so I will be using solid pieces for the top two in the next iteration, and a larger living hinge for the bottom.


neat – and I love the action shots!


I was thinking the same!


Very Nice idea :+1:t2: