Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending February 4, 2017

Last Week’s Highlights:
Highlights for the Week Ending January 28th, 2017

Staff Smarts:

Are buyer benefits transferable if I sell my machine?

Does the machine design take wire fatigue from repeated flexion into account?

What causes blackening inside the engraved area and how do I clean it off?

Is the variable depth engraving an automated process for Proofgrade materials?

On status updates: Are you going to tell us how many units will be shipped out each month?

Beta (and PreRelease) Beauties:

Storming the Castle

A Tisket, a Tasket, a Gradient Engraved Basket

Lord of the Things

Another Bright Idea

DIY Two Tone Acrylic Fish

Dice Tower V2

Angels Among Us

You Spin Me Round

Missing Missiles Manufactured!

Light up your Day

Right Round Baby Right Round

Engraving and Tooling Leather

Pleasing New Proofgrade

Pre-Release 3D Engraving Test
(Not yet finalized - looks awesome.)

Fantastic Forum Finds:

DIY Heng Lamp

Laser Cut Loom

Sticky Stuff

Games Rule

Flock Around the Clock


Thanks for curating this list every week!


My pleasure! :relaxed:


Agree totally …thanks @Jules !


Jules, you are indeed a valuable asset to this community. Despite my occasionally giving you a hard time, I truly appreciate your selfless contributions, exuberance, and positive spirit!


Awwwww…you’re making me blush…you guys are bad for that! :blush:


Infinity agree!


Good grief…there I went again…:blush:


We can do it all day long because you really deserve it.

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:blush: Boom!

Chuckle! Don’t be too unkind…it’s the one reaction I absolutely have never gotten any control over…unexpected compliments of any kind cause me to light up like a brush fire. :smirk:

I can blush right down to my toenails. My mother’s early influence no doubt…gentle southern gals are demure and modest at all times…you know the gig.

With me, it was apparently imprinted. :smile:


My path home every day took me by her work. Once or twice a month I would hit the flower shop for a single red rose and bring it up to her office. Even after decades of marriage - She would blush like a school girl. I loved that!

A woman might smile or say something in gratitude, but when her whole body involuntarily reacts, you know you hit the bullseye!:heart_eyes:


You have the most beautiful way with words. :relaxed:
(Hope your wife appreciates it.)


A huge thank you!!

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this is really cool and thanks for putting it together.

One link doesn’t work for me. When I go to the “Splish splash the honeycomb takes a bath” link, I get this error.

“Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”

Oops! That one wasn’t ready yet and I forgot to unlink it. (We put these together early in the week.)

It’s being updated and will show up later in some future summary when it’s done…my bad!

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no worries! thanks for the update. and here i was thinking, “hey, is there a secret board i’m not allowed in?”

Well yeah, there is, but i’m not allowed in either…the Betas have their own board. :relaxed: