Beta Project - Dice Tower v3!

My dice tower is coming along nicely, and since I was lucky enough to have a snow day yesterday, I was able to knock out another iteration!

So from my last version here is what I changed… I love the living hinge, but they didn’t work very well as the internal bumpers. I wanted to keep the hinge, but decided to make the two bumpers flat with the hinge forming a slide out of the tower. I went a little taller to allow the slide to reach all the way to the front, making the distance that the dice are in contact with it that much greater.

My layouts are getting better!

I also wanted to be sure to see the hinge, so I made the back open so that it was visible.

I also wanted to start adding decorative elements to it as well, so I added the facade around the top, a frame around the exit, and some windows. Thanks to @m_raynsford and the cobble pattern from your blog! I used parts of it around the windows, door, the facade and on the two flat bumpers inside.

Everything is press-fit except for this part where the front face attaches to the sides and holds in the slide (which wants to push out). I ended up gluing that part.

My friend said that he didn’t really like the tray that catches the dice, so for this version I took it off, which makes the tower itself that much more compact. I was a bit worried about stability, but after several dumps of the King of Tokyo dice through the tower this morning, I can say that it’s pretty solid!


That’s fantastic!

Off topic, but the latest game from Richard Garfield (creator of King of Tokyo and a few other games…) is awesome.


This is great! I dig the improvements and the addition of the cobble pattern and details. Looks good. :smile:


Very aware of Richard Garfield (Magic: the Gathering nerd remember? :wink: ) He’s like my Gygax!

I haven’t seen that one, but it sounds strangely like a social deduction game… but I’ll always try any game, he has another one that’s fairly recent called Treasure Hunter which is a drafting game. I haven’t tried that one yet either.


It’s like Family Feud, the board game - light and fun. Love social deduction games, though. Was playtesting a new one and am ridiculously excited about it.


So how would your friend feel about a moat to catch the dice instead of a tray? I mean now that you have an actual tower.


Cool! I like the castle one! :smiley:


I could be bias but this one’s a stroke of fantastic! The pictures are cool but don’t actually do it justice … even better in person!


Love the living hinge element (as well as the rest of the detail.)


Maybe I’ll go check out Hive Mind, should help me pass some time :slight_smile:


Whenever you make a new game… I want in on playtesting! :wink:

Ah… Tommy Maranges… I do really like Secret Hitler (It’s a game people!)


What… The Waiting Game isn’t exciting enough for you? :wink:


Really nice design–the castle look is so well executed.


Not just a really nice result, but a really good tutorial of sorts on the iterative nature of the creative design process.

A lot of folks see something that’s been made by someone else and think they could never do the same thing - but they’re seeing version 3 or 7 or something. They don’t know that the stuff just doesn’t spring fully formed from the artist’s brain onto the medium but that it gets refined. If they know that it’s a stepwise method of honing in on good stuff that gets better and better (except for when an iteration backslides :slight_smile:), they would be less hesitant to try things on their own.

The iterative nature of design/execution and the laser’s support for fast iterations is really fun to see.


As one of the least-“artistic” members of this forum, I have to say I’ve often thought “I can’t do that.” And I’m sure sometimes that’s true. But I’m also sure you’re right… I shouldn’t be so quick to sell myself short! :slight_smile:


I always figured ‘if it’s done by a human, I belong to that club.’

A favorite quote - Argue your limitations, and sure enough - they are yours.


Great share. Thanks. The bumpers rock :heart_eyes:

The whole realization that I can make my designs to press fit and they will stay together was so cool. It does take a bit of testing and some care. But it beats glueup.


Hmmm… I never think that! Not entirely sure I qualify…


One of my husband’s favorite quotes, as well. He used it often with our kids when they were growing up.


Awesome dice tower!

That snow photo looked awful familiar. Turns out I’m just a couple miles away. Your neighbor to the north in Normandy Park. I’m an avid collector as well. Comic books and signed first editions are my main passions these days.


Thanks! Nice to meet another local owner!