Beta Project: :glowforge: To The Moon (and back)



I’m working on a project, and ultimately would like to create a light with this engraved in lit acrylic as a component, so I made this test engrave on :proofgrade: maple hardwood to get some first results.

Just finished, with masking…



What do you think? I’m impressed.

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Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 17th, 2017

I absolutely Love this! Simply amazing!:relaxed::thumbsup::glowforge:


Wow, just wow. :smile:


Wow! That its gorgeous :smiley:


Thats pretty cool…looks 3D


Excellent! I’ve been thinking about making an acrylic moon when I get my GF…


Terrific! It’s a really cool piece.


i think this is nice; if wood were your final medium i’d think you need to tweak it a bit but i bet it’s going to look pretty amazeballs in acrylic.


So cool! The detail. . . amazing.


This is fantastic! Now you need to find a use for your wooden test piece. It would make a nice lid for a round living hinge box, don’t you think?


This is fantastic! I’m making one of these for sure!


Oh wow!! That looks amazing!! I know what I’ll be making my sister…she loves anything related to the moon lol


that looks amazing!!! I can’t wait to get my GF, still waiting on the email. You will have to update as soon as you do this in acrylic!


wow… amazing work. thanks for sharing


Very nice job!


I’ll add my voice to the ‘Very nice work!’ (Although at first I thought it was a photocopy made by someone sitting on the photocopier, like they did way back when. Hey! Maybe …)


I love it !..The horizontal lines , to me, look like they belong there , I know they’re woodgrain…yet somehow they belong.


Very nice! This should be your custom escutcheon!


I think the burn marks add to the detail


Even the one without masking looked really good!