Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 17th, 2017



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Can you resell your Glowforge?

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Ladies and Gents: :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s been a boatload of fun for the last six months, but I’m sad to say, the format of the Weekly Highlights is going to need to undergo drastic revision in light of the impending huge volume of submissions, and the need to shift focus to answering questions.

This will be the final curated edition of the Highlights. Going forward, I will provide a blank Draft template Wiki each week in the Everything Else Category - the edition will run from Saturday through Saturday, and I’ll finalize and close the Wiki on the following Wednesday.

It’s going to be the responsibility of each individual creator to add his or her own links to the Wiki if they want to have their projects included in the highlights.

As a Wiki, it will be editable by everyone. Just click the little pencil icon at the bottom of the first post in the Highlights, (sometimes it hides behind the 3 dots), copy and paste the link to your post.

If you want to add a photo - right click the photo, “Copy Image Location” and paste that on a new line right under your project link.

I’m going to leave this one open for a few days so anyone who wants to add their contributions from the last few days can add them directly to this Wiki. (Been out of town.)

I can take care of adding @dan and @staff comments in the top section, along with any announcements that get posted, so just worry about adding your own submissions. People do want to see them! Show them off! (I will also pull Gallery photos from the highlights - it’s a lot less hunting and clicking).

I think the highlights are a great service for the community in general, but they are getting to be about the length of the Made on a Glowforge category itself.

And in case you miss something…be sure to check out the [Made On A Glowforge Category] (https://community.glowforge.com/c/glowforge-project-examples) .

It’s where all the cool stuff pops up! :slight_smile:

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