Beta Project: Kids Craft Station Media Tray

Hello folks!

Not the sexiest project, but a good demonstration of the power to easily craft something useful to your own specifications when the selection at the store isn’t cutting it.

We dedicated a corner of the living room as a craft area for my son and got him a table and some shelving. However the shelves don’t accommodate a standard landscape orientation letter tray for storing papers. So I made one to fit on the GF.

Hopefully this will help keep construction paper and sticker books off our floor.



OOL, but wanted to let you know that this is wonderful! I love seeing these practical applications. Also, what great parenting to create a special space just to foster your child’s creativity :slight_smile:


It doesn’t have to be sexy to be great! Nice job.


I’m curious to know if it tends to rock back and forth a lot. While I have a lot of faith in the Woodglue that you probably have in the tabs and slots, I don’t think it would prevent the rocking (in woodworking terms it’s often called racking).

Since you have it contained within a cubby, I don’t think you’ll have much of an issue. But if you wanted to greatly increase the stability, cut out a thin piece (maybe an inch wide) and secure it to the back from one corner to the opposite corner (Think of it like adding an “X” to the back of the shelves, but only doing one line instead of both). Secure it with glue to each shelf and the two corners and it will be MUCH sturdier.


…sleek organization is always sexy. :upside_down_face:


Great project! I need to do something similar to sort out the stacks of materials for the GF. :smiley:

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great project.

hahahaha. No. No it will not. The ability of children to overcome the most robust of organizational strategies is astonishing… You could lock those up in a nuclear missile silo grade vault, and you will still find them somehow in the back of your kitchen cabinet…


This is a great example of how a sheet of timber could be transformed into an elegant utility piece in a very short period of time using a laser cutter.
Love it.


My son empties the dishwasher…has been for several years…I still get pans, dishes, and cooking utensils in different spots everytime.
He also constantly asks where his stuff is and I ask, did you put it in its spot? I get a blank stare…lmao…
I’m not overly organized but I do have spots for certain things that always go back…


My son does that stuff too. I stare at him and ask when he’s flying does he wonder where he put maps? “No, that stuff is important…”


Exactly…he knows where the video game stuff is…usually…


Great project.

Rarely misplace anything. Not organized at all, but unconsciously keep mental pictures of almost everything I do. The angle of my toothbrush in it’s holder from this morning, on which counter I laid a screwdriver inside the camper from last week. Usually just have to replay the pictures in my head to find anything.

The wife on the other hand could easily misplace the microwave. So it’s not just kids that are mentally preoccupied.

Not looking forward to that inevitable point in life when my memory starts to change.


Yup…in my mind everything has a place…my kids would ask where is… And I could walk right up to it…
It was challenging with many in the household though…moving stuff and not putting it back :rage:

Now that there are few, makes it a bit easier…lol


Practical and cool. Nice work!

Looks great! Stuff like this is my #1 use case for the Glowforge.

Weird that your primary use is making things for @RyanL’s kids… I mean sure he seems like a nice kid from the photo, but tad over the top you would buy a several thousand dollar laser cutter for it…


Don’t quit your day job.


Love it. I really need to start making projects like this. My desk could use some organizational love.


I am a stacker. It drives my wife crazy.
She says “How can you find anything when you isn’t in any order?”.

I tell her it is in geological order by strata.


I know exactly where everything should be. :smiley:

It’s a control thing. A) This keeps other people from rooting through for stuff. B) They know I will know they went digging because believe it or not, I will notice if anything has been moved.