Beta Project: Magic: the Gathering Energy Tokens



I wanted to try a multi-material inset project, and I think I saw some energy tokens here, but I decided that I would give it a shot. I made 10 tokens and a little case to hold them in for travel.

Tokens are engraved on both sides (just flipped the token over after the first engrave/cut being careful not to move the larger piece of maple.)

Edit… That’s not quite true. The bolt isn’t a symmetrical entity, so I had to create a mirror image of the engrave in the same location. I just made it a different color so I could choose not to engrave it the first pass. Then flipped the pieces and engraved just the mirror.

I even engraved the Kaladesh (latest M:tG block which introduced the energy token) set icon onto the feet.

I went through a few iterations of both the holder and the tokens, and being completely honest, I’ll probably make some more changes to the holder in future iterations.

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You’re not the first, and I’m guessing you won’t be the last, but wow these are great!


These are so cool! I’m not clear on what the colored parts are though. Is it colored acrylic?


Wow, those are really nice.

Truly appreciate all the detailed pictures of your project.


Tokens like this are very high on the list of things I want to do!


As a person heavily involved with Magic: the Gathering I want to say how much I love these. I especially like the Kaladesh expansion symbol on the feet. I assume the Aether Revolt symbol will feature somewhere in the finished design?

It might be nice to do something similar for poison, experience, loyalty etc.


MTG has changed a lot since I used to play in high school… Good times (especially when the teacher did not reach the classroom :stuck_out_tongue:)


It is colored acrylic.


Looks really nice (the acrylic looks poured into the cut). I assume flipping and aligning to laser-kerf widths doesn’t quite get you 100% accuracy? Although they look pretty amazingly aligned.


I have no idea what the game is, but those look amazing! I’m hoping to do similar things with wood and acrylic for smaller jewelry pieces as well as bigger works of art. The fit of the acrylic looks great, it almost looks like poured resin.


Nice work! VERY nice work!

And, Thanks! You just reminded me… Long ago I made Farscapeopoly. Designed the board from scratch, printed it on foamcore as I recall. (Haven’t played it in years.) The board was simply beautiful (if I do say so myself). Each space was another planet from the show, each Chance/CC card lovingly made to reference the show. (I think I used Peacekeeper and Wormhole cards.) And there was a Starburst. For $100, as I recall, you could buy a 3rd die to Starburst past people’s hotels, etc. Anyway, the one thing that I always wanted to have was a Farscape unit of currency. The crindar was the Scarran unit and I always wanted to make them. But I never had the tools to do it like I wanted. Once I get my 'forge I’ll finally be able to do it!


Very nice details there. Love the color splash. Pretty precise pieces!


These are just stunning! (You guys are going to make a gamer out of me yet!) :smile:

Chuckle! When I got promoted and transferred to the Houston office, the guys from my old division went to the drafting department and crafted a foam-core version of Julie-Opoly for my going away party.

Unfortunately, it listed every peccadillo, every goof, every embarrassing moment that I had managed to pull during my time there, and since I was single and somewhat sassy…there was a little story for waaay too many of the properties! ROFL!

I still have that (hidden in a closet).

That brought back some fond memories. :relaxed:


That’s adorable! What a nice group to have worked with!


We had a lot of fun together. :relaxed:




Well I wasn’t actively planning on making energy tokens, but I’ve gotta say that I HAVE to make some now! Yours are AMAZING! Thanks for sharing!

In related notes, I do plan on making some “Golden Bennies” for friends of mine since we play a lot of Savage Worlds. (Savage Worlds is a table top RPG, you should look it up if you don’t already play.)


Those inserts are incredibly precise. I thought that it was a poured in acrylic.


There’s a little glue on some of the chevrons, but mostly it’s press-fit. Just takes a couple of iterations.


No doubt that’s what led to the stories :wink: