Quickie Beta Catalog Project - cinch bag

I’m heading out of town this weekend and I remembered a quick project I wanted to make before the trip. A while back I made these Energy Tokens…

I don’t really like the holder for them. It’s difficult to open and very fragile. I was thinking about it this morning and remembered the leather cinch bag in the catalog! I didn’t have long, so I had to get started!

5:50am: Idea
5:57am: Glowforge on and catalog loaded up
6:02am: Cinch bag cut
6:05am: Custom tag designed (borrowed and edited the energy token design)
6:08am: Tag cut/engraved
6:15am: Assembled!
6:20am: Uber to the Link station!

25 minutes from idea to finished product (minus any future embellishments like dying the leather).

I will note that I didn’t really need the cinch bag to be as big as the design in the catalog so I shrunk it down a few inches in the GFUI and it Is a perfect size for my need!




Quick and easy!


Well, that’s cool! I like your token identifier tag too! :grinning:


Nice example of a quick idea and follow through using the Catalog. Hope you had a safe trip!

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I’m curious about the gems that are being prepared in the design catalog. I know that it’s probably smart that they don’t feature them early since there are many people eager to snatch original designs and use them as their own.

But I am getting a little weary of designing my own stuff and all the time I have to take because I’m still learning so much. If there were a marble machine or some complicated geared mechanism, I’d buy it now and print it because I need to do a project that is finished and not always in progress, tweaking as I go. And there are only so many match boxes that I need.

so I’m glad you reminded me that they are there and will be ready for printing soon enough.


Do a quick search for “Laser” on Thingiverse too. Great place to pickup ready-to-go projects.

(I need to get around to doing that “frabjous” sculpture.)


There a certainly loads of designs out there, but the ones I would like to replicate seem to have different thicknesses of material in the design and then I have to redo them. Some are parametric, but my parametric skill set is nil. I get excited about a design and then, boom, some parameter requires too much work.


Very cool. I’m so excited to see the catalog and the amazing things that will be in there on day 1 and will be added to by other designers. I think it’s going to be huge.

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I love hearing you guys talk about these kind of last minute, “Oh, snap!” kinda projects. How quickly you’re able to go from nothing to producing an actual thing is so exciting. I wondered how much I would consider purchasing things from the catalog, and this right here shows me there’s definitely value in not having to reinvent the wheel.