Beta Project: My first scratch design



I’ve finally had an extended amount of time this morning to work on a project using my own vector design out of illustrator. I wanted to see how the engraving process and details would ‘print’ at different sizes and using a few different materials.

Here is a shot of the file on screen in Illustrator.

Here are my results…

In clear acrylic:

And also in hardwoods using 2 different types and sizes:

These are about 2.5" diameter. I wanted to see how well the detail would work at fine lines… Amazed by the precision on the detail! :slight_smile:

Next, I tried a different type of wood and left the size almost at original. I just fit it to the piece of hardwood by resizing it in the GF app.

With masking still on and a sharpie for size.

Final without masking. Really happy with the result! :smile:


Wow! It’s so cool that we have so many different types of designers here - I love what you do with vectors.


Erhem! You do not want to know what I just did when I saw that lovely deep engrave. :smiley::smile:


Ugh, this is so pretty!!! :smiley: Love this!!


Very nice, that design really stands out in the timber engravings.


Looks great, only a little longer and I will be doing that. Thanks for the project ideas.


the 2.5" hardwood ones look fantastic!
making boxes, machines, fancy 3d objects… all that is awesome, and I hope to do all of it. Expanding horizons.
But my original, primary dream for the glowforge is being able to make ‘permanent’ prints from from my art. Not on archival paper, not on vinyl, but on wood. You just made me really happy.


Nice. There’s an optical illusion going on in the last couple photos that makes the image look spherical.


Phenomenal job!


I knew you had something great in your desktop when you took this picture :stuck_out_tongue:

But they look much better than what I imagined :open_mouth: :grin:


This is very promising for the type of work I plan on doing with the GF.


That is exactly up the alley of what I want my glowforge for! One happy camper here!!!


Those will be amazing christmas decorations.


These look amazing! I love the depth of the engrave on the hardwood and still maintained the fine lines. In the last photo, how long did that take to engrave?


We are eating this stuff up man, Thank you - and keep it coming!


Thats spectacular…love the design.


Amazing detail! Thanks for taking the time to post this. You’re making it hard to wait until next year! I can’t wait to see what December brings in terms of posts. Plenty of pictures everyone…


Looks fantastic! Great to see the engraving detail.


Fantastic pattern for a test piece, the detail is wonderful.


I noticed it, too…makes the disk look almost convex. Gosh…this is so exciting! I can hardly stand it!