Beta Project: Name Wall Art



My daughter asked if I could make her a cut out of her name to put in her room.
So, I took the idea and ran with it. :slight_smile:

I created a vector outline of her name using Illustrator, and connected things manually with the pen tool where I needed to in order to make a 1-piece cut out.

Once I had a working finished outline I figured I could push this simple idea to the max and try all 3 laser operations in one large project. Engrave, Score, & Cut.

I generated a halftone pattern to engrave and added a scoreline around the edge of that, leaving a thin ‘stroke’ around the entire thing.

I did some tests at a smaller scale (reduced size in the glowforge print screen) to see how it would look, then ran it full size for a final piece. :bulb: :glowforge: :boom:

A reduced size test

Just finished

And then…
Actual size (as big as I could fit it)

Just finished on the :glowforge: still…

Holding her new artwork!

And hung above her door…

Turned out great in the end and she loves it. :smile: :heart:
Also, I now need to make one for every member of the family. :wink:

Thanks for checking this project out!
:proofgrade: :glowforge: :thumbsup:


Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 10, 2017

That pattern came out awesome–very good design!


Really lovely! I love the pattern fill.


Nice! I love how the halftone came out. I was just doing some for my daughters and their friend as well. I’ll try and get those posted soon. I was just using some old boxes to cut mine out of cardboard though, not as nice as this wood one turned out :slight_smile: Great work!


That’s such a great use of the pattern!


Great idea using the pattern! Love it! :relaxed:




That came out delightful. Great application.


I love the halftone pattern! Such a great idea for a fill, and the scoreline really gives it an elegant touch. I suppose this is maple plywood. Nice!


Very nice with the halftone. Just one suggestion: sometimes you can get a little more size going on the diagonal (although it’s kinda more wasteful for material).


That’s lovely. I can see why everyone in the family would want one. Careful of friends and family you invite over for a visit, they will all want one too!


There’s nothing quite like being able to make something that the people in your life actually want. That pattern works so well there.


Gosh! This is just beautiful. I love how you did engraving and scoring in it. Inspiring!


Great idea! Turned out beautiful. :sunglasses:


Oh, that looks spectacular! :squeeee::smiley:


That looks awesome!

ooh, looked at the rest of the pictures… it’s a lot bigger than I thought at first!

…maybe some UHB tape or some stand-offs to replace the pushpins…
(silly little thing, but it catches my eye like a rolex held on with timex bands :nerd:)


That’s just so cool. Very will done.


You need to do this again with mirrored acrylic!


That is awesome! I love the halftone pattern… Nice touch!


How’d I miss this for over a month? Very nice.