Beta project nine (Maple Dominoes)



My wife and I love to travel, and we always take dominos with us.
For some reason if you walk into a bar almost anywhere in the world and start playing dominos you get respect and good service.

I decided to make a little travel set out if ⅛” thick maple with engraved dots and engraved “rails” for the lid/bone racks.
Not much to say beyond that, although it did take a bunch of trial and error to get the right fit on the slots. Oh, and I made one sort of major mistake on the box, and I screwed up my drawing so the dots are all off center. :frowning2:
I may make another set, or I may live with it.

FYI, laser cutting maple smells like BBQ breakfast!


Oh wow, it was worth the wait! I love the little lid racks for the dominoes. Scrabble next!


Mmm maple flavored anything for breakfast😀
Those look awesome!


wow I love this, your only off a few hairs I would live with it unless you plan on having a set in each car kind of deal

would be interested in how much work it took to get that slot right, was the datto cut first and take the depth and then do the lid to match the dato depth ? or was it all done in one shoot with fingers crossed. or… do you have a calibration card cut / rastered so you know what settings will get what depths


Oh wow! How creative! Love it.



He looks just like my formerly radioactive kitty. She is no help at all either.


One of mine (Rogue) is actually pretty helpful…here he’s lending a paw with puzzle dis-assembly:


Great project.


Nicely done!


Great job with the set! Beautiful.
Nice example of drilling to a depth and cutting on the same material… and slots!
Material choice with the natural black border from cutting are perfect.
All of a sudden, I have a need of white dominoes!.

Magnetic closure on the slide maybe.
Thanks Josh for the exemplary beta demo!


Recreating unique/personalized games like dominoes/cribbage/etc. is one of the things I have on my “Can’t wait to get my Glowforge to try making this stuff” list. Thanks for sharing this—so cool to see something you’ve been dreaming about is actually possible. And those domino holders? Genius!


@dan… I think you mentioned the firmware in Josh’s beta wasn’t set up for engrave. Does this means it’s been updated to engrave?

Josh- love all the projects and the creativity.


I know what my parents are getting for a belated Christmas gift. :wink:


I know its been said, but the holders are magnificent. I have kids. Teaching them dominoes is fine; but they simply can’t handle putting dominoes on their sides, so it’s always an open-hand game. We haven’t gotten past the teaching phase. Holders built in the lid… so simple, so elegant, so obvious, and so revolutionary!
Wonderful project.


There’s a bug that causes frequent failures when you engrave, but I did tell him he could give it a shot if he wanted!


Oh - and in the “great minds think alike” category, look what @shell made.


Very nice @Shell, please share details?
Thank you!


In the words of the French guy in “The Doors”: “Sooooo cooooool…sooo…sooo cooooooool”


love it didn’t think of dominoes…!!! new project added !!!..thanks…also does maple take any longer to cut than say oak or other hardwoods ?