Beta project: Ouija board



The epoxy looks great, but sadly I now need to find something that slides on it nicely since the puck doesn’t move well currently. Maybe I can find some bearings or something to mount to the bottom of the puck :slight_smile:

Weekly Highlights for the week of 04-DEC-16

This is great! Nice job overall. it looks really cool. :slight_smile: Love the puck!


You make the plywood look goooood!


Great project! You & your daughter collaborate very well. Maybe, something like this would help, Polyethylene film tape. Or, if you can cut a milk jug in the GF, maybe affix it (inside down) with some spray glue?


Nice job! I really like that puck.


Love how shiny that turned out. I may have to try that epoxy on one of my projects. Great job and the board. Love the puck design too.


Love, love, LOVE the Ouija board! (Attended many a sleepover with a torn-up little printed cardboard version of that right smack in the middle of the floor!) Chuckle! :smiley:

Looks spectacular with the epoxy finish! :squeeee::squeeee::squeeee:


Beautiful. The epoxy is really impressive. little felt feet?


Way cool! I like the retro 1800s font choice.

As mentioned, I like the idea of felt on the bottom; you could also use those tiny plastic furniture sliders. Could increase their slickness with a little silicone polish.


Very cool design! First thought was felt feet as others have said. Curious to hear what ends up working.


Mouse feet. You can buy self-adhesive PTFE mouse feet and put them on the bottom of the puck. Felt may also work.


The engraving really came out nice. No sign of charring but a nice color.

I know the Glowforge is supposed to be revolutionary by opening up the world of laserdom to those who might otherwise not be able to access it because of cost and/or ease of us. In all the speculation about this on the forum and in other places, I hope people don’t lose sight of these simple use cases that will be satisfying for many, many people.

I’d say the majority of folks who ordered a Glowforge don’t have to reinvent the wheel or make a flux capacitor to get their money’s worth. Personalizing every day items will be where the Glowforge earns its daily bread.

Thanks so much for sharing!


Yesss, genius. Great idea.


If not a flux capacitor then at least a hover board (though I’m old enough now I’m sure I’d just hurt myself. :smile:


You could theoretically put a sheet of felt in and use your puck design to cut it to exactly fit the entire bottom. Would probably be easier to glue the felt on the back of a piece of wood and then cut the puck out of both at the same time, but it would definitely be better in the long run to use something soft on the bottom, to prevent scratching the epoxy by dragging dust across it with something harder like the mouse feet mentioned above.


But wouldn’t rare earth magnets under the board and opposed poles at the base of the puck be way cooler?


Perhaps not ‘just’ rare earth magnets…

Take a flexible magnetic sheet (I’m guessing it might have to be 500 mil, unless you’re willing to thin out the ouiji board stock a bit) and put it under the wood. Then you could put rare earth magnets under the puck of opposite pole, and it would ride nicely on a cushion of air. “Randomly”. :grin:


Very cool thanks for sharing!!!


Alas, most magnetic sheet (that I’ve played with at least) is magnetized in alternating stripes (there’s some kind of reason for that, forget what it is). So there is no “opposite pole” to speak of.

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to use that fact to make a cheap magnetic encoder, but haven’t really figured out a good application…


Really beautiful–your daughter must be thrilled. I also love your collaborative process for making it with her.