Beta Project: Planter basket (in progress)


Hi everyone. I’m posting in-progress photos of a project I am working on. It is a planter basket that hangs on a wall. The idea is that it will be filled with a moss planter that is studded with sedums. Over time the sedums will (hopefully) fill in to cover the outside of the moss planter. The interior of the planter will have orchids, ferns, etc., so the whole thing is a living decoration that can hang on the wall permanently with minor plant upkeep.

I am finished with the Glowforge part of the project, so I am posting photos of that now. I’ll add photos of the planted version in a few weeks once it fills in a little.

The big challenge for this project was figuring out how to make it snap together in a way that would be structurally stable when hung from the outside ends. Several of the spans are longer than the Glowforge cutting area allows; the outside dimensions are 2’-6" x 10". I needed to piece the long runs together out of multiple parts with joints that still have strength.

I also had a challenge making it reasonably easy to assemble. One of my first iterations was quite strong, but almost impossible to put together. In the end I was able to get the joints tight enough that the whole piece stays together without any glue, and it can be assembled without undue profanity.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 4th, 2017
Beta Project: Completed Planter Basket

That’s awesome! I look forward to seeing iterative photos as the plant-life progresses!


I love that this is a measure of success!!!
Fun project, do the pieces puzzle inside of each other (like a Russian doll maybe) to maximize material?


They don’t nest perfectly, but it is pretty efficient from a material standpoint. It takes two sheets of 1/4" plywood to make one of these. You have me thinking about nesting components now. I think for my future projects I’m going to build more of that into the shapes from the start to ensure efficient material use.


Nice! Looking forward to seeing it planted and filled in. :slight_smile:


The only thing I don’t like about this is your plants are going to cover up that lovely joint you invented!


I don’t know yet if I care about the planter but I love this from an “engineering” perspective. Very nicely done.


What a lovely and clever design! It looks like the bones of a Viking ship.


:joy::joy::joy: It looks complex enough to engender some! Beautiful design! :grinning::hedgie:


THIS is really freaking cool! I can’t wait to see the plants in there, but I’m glad you posted pictures of that beautiful joint work and geometry.


With or without plants it looks amazing!


Will there be some sort of backing so that the wall doesn’t get damaged?


Yeah will have to sell this design on the store page when they get to that. All my aunts will want several each.


I can hardly express how much i love this! I can already see the plants in it… and then the awesomeness of your design will hardly even be noticeable, yet the whole thing will be beautiful. Wow!