Beta Project: Completed Planter Basket

Hi everyone. I have an updated post on the Planter basket project. (Beta Project: Planter basket (in progress)) . I made this project to donate as an auction item for a school fundraiser; I had 2 months to make it, and I got it done with 12 hours to spare. :slight_smile: Here it is:

I stole the Art Nouveau design for the medallion from the Glowforge catalogue, and printed it on some of the new pre-finished walnut from the Glowforge store.

I originally intended to cover the entire exterior with sedums, but I decided that I like the look of the stained Glowforge basket so much that I didn’t want to risk covering it. An artful spray of sedums was the solution.


This came out roughly one hojillion times cooler than even I imagined it would. Wow.


Wow… wow again.


Very pretty.


That better end up in the catelog!


Ohmygosh, I knew it was going to be lovely but had no idea how stunning it would be. Everyone at the fundraiser will want it!


When I saw your original design I thought it was brilliant, but seeing this now with plants in it’s even better.


Just lovely!


Pretty amazing looking. Now looking at it finished, you know what would be a cool variant is that it kind of looks like a ship with the ribs. You could do a nautical one, with nautical themed plants (like seashore plants or something).


That is a great idea.

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Ooh, one of my close friends works on submarines… I know a present for him…


This is really gorgeous and I would be high bidder on this for sure. The daffodils and ribbon are a great touch and the medallion is perfect. I can truly appreciate a fellow procrastinator gettin’er done just in time too. :slight_smile:


That just looks marvelous! (I hope you can hear a bad Billy Crystal impersonation there, because that deserves it!)


That really is stunning!

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That looks great @maryellen! :grinning:

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I was thinking that as I was looking at it - the left end looks like the prow of a ship. You could model in different figureheads for the bow piece there. Right now it could be a cut & engraved shape but when 3D engrave is ready that would make a great custom detail. I could see a pirate or mermaid in a deep 3D engrave.

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Wow, great job!

Curious how you addressed keeping moisture off the wall?

Yeah, I did think about that, and I haven’t had a long term test yet, but I think it will be fine. The ribs on the back keep the planter off the wall by about 1/2". And the sedums are planted on the front of the planter only (and have super low water needs). The daffodils are intended to be temporary, and when they are spent they can be replaced with house plants that have low water requirements like sedums, or cycled through with other seasonal plants. Either way, though, this planter just gets watered with a mister bottle.


The space in back provided by the ribs is excellent.
Wonderful design, with clean lines. The details like the winding ribbon and the (lotus?) engraved medallion are a cherry on top! A real marketable winner!

Not to be critical, but maybe cut the hanging loop on the medallion separate and glue it perpendicular to the engraved plane to avoid the slight twist, or even a very small twine loop.

Mary, your work emanates an organic feel that is so appealing! :sunglasses:

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