Beta Project: Simple House Model



Hello folks. Before I tackle Fallingwater, I thought I’d try a much simpler house. It’s at 1/4" scale and made of 1/8" hardwood with a 1/4" plywood roof. I took advantage of the GF’s engrave function to etch a channel in the base for my walls to drop into to keep everything square. My five year-old son was dismayed that there is no operable door and the roof is glued shut so he can’t get any of his action figures into it. I promised I’d make my next project more fun to play with.


Very nice!
I could see adding another cut outline that is the inside dimensions of the walls and gluing it on the bottom of the roof so that it drops in place and stays put.


Nicely done! that looks great and very simple :slight_smile:


Wow if you are an architect, that makes model making pretty easy…


Very clean. I’d say you are qualified for Falling Water.
How long before your son starts submitting ideas for Dad to make him?
Thanks for sharing that!


I love this! Little houses is one of the things I want to make. I’m thinking of a holiday fireplace mantel display that consists of houses in my neighborhood, or houses I’ve lived in, or famous streets, etc.


Looks like something you could live in! Awesome!:smiley:


That’s gorgeous! This is exactly why I can’t wait for my brother to find out I’m getting a Glowforge—he’s an architect and would totally create some sweet scale model buildings.


Fallingwater! Fallingwater! … Actually I’d be happy with any of Mr Wright’s designs. Very nice work!

PS Tell your son that superheroes don’t need doors… :slight_smile:


great project, now are you going to do the inside of Falling Water?


@RyanL Very nice model! I can see how useful GF will be for all kinds of professions. Let’s see, I have about 5 months to make a table for my GF, learn Inkscape, and collect projects in a file. Gotta get busy… - Rich


A friend of mine has a monster laser (was originally used to laser etch photos into tombstones) that he uses to provide model cutting for the local university architecture students. They’re usually all doing their projects at the same time and overwhelm the school’s laser capacity. His has an 8ft bed so he can do some serious sizes & multiple models.

The smart kids plan to use him because at the end of the day, all things being otherwise equal, they know that the larger models seem to get better grades than the ones off the school’s smaller Epilog :grin:


Nice! And this is where we want the 3d engrave so the roof can sit flush.


Great idea!!!


Beautiful job!! When I first read the post I thought it said 1/4 scale (like a large shed !!!) and was thinking …on a glowforge??? . Then I realized it was 1/4" … (missed the ") … Is the base channel keeping the walls together - or did you glue/fasten them?


A nice house on the wild (or a beach, I don’t know) :slight_smile:


Nice. Would make a great Fark photoshop thread. :sunglasses:


Wow! Wonderful work. I build doll houses and love the idea of using the Glowforge in it.


@rodrigobrionesm Hate to be that milperson, that box is HUGE! lolz


An 8’ bed… Damn, that is a huge laser cutter! I have access to a 48", but 8’ is pretty amazing.