Beta Project: Snowflake Wall Art


Happy Holidays folks!

One of my Christmas gifts for my Mom was this snowflake design wall art thingy. It’s a shallow box made of 1/8 plywood held together by slots, tabs, and finger joints at the corners. The face and frame are painted white and I did my best to give the back panel a weathered look.

The snowflakes were traced in CAD from images of real snowflakes.

And here’s the design layout in CAD; front, sides, and back.

And a couple of photos of the finished product.

Weekly Highlights for the Week of January 1, 2017

Really neat – I like the depth you’ve created!


That’s lovely!


really nice. i’ve been thinking of some similar panels - tho admittedly not of the snowflake variety - to be lit from behind as accent lighting. i really appreciate the finish; it seems like nobody is interested in finishing laser cut boxes and the like.


Very nicely done!


Awesome job! Looks like a blizzard and I love the contrast with the weathered panel in back! :smiley:



Also, I love the rustic looking background – the whole piece is just lovely.


That’s really nice!


I love the fact that you used real snowflakes for the design! No need to worry about copyright infringement.


Lovely. Homemade gifts for mom, a favorite of hers I’m sure :grin:

Thanks for the pictures!


I love the way you offset the front panel back into the box a bit. Frames it nicely. :+1:


Great snowflake design.


Sensational. I have to say there is a limit to the number of plain finger jointed laser cut boxes I can stand.

How did you paint? I thinking simple spray paint. Especially if the wood had been pre-finished.


This is beautiful


That technique could be used with a stylized picture (like a silhouette) and compliment the actual picture.


Awesome job!


very nice. Love the design.


Really neat. I’d always intended to use some of my niece’s artwork to create some new things with my 'forge. But now you’ve inspired some new thoughts on that!

  • Tom