Weekly Highlights for the Week of January 1, 2017

Last Week’s Highlights:

Weekly Highlights for 25-Dec-16

Weekly highlights for the 1st week of a marvelous new year!

Staff Highlights and Quotable Quotes:

New Years Status Update from Dan

Glowforge Software Updates Trivia:

Does non-Proofgrade material require manual focusing?

Question on working with 3D format files

Exhaust tube length and bends

Beta and Pre-Release Projects:

Blizzard Box

Engraving on Glass, Slate, Aluminum, Cutting Foam Board, Cardstock

Bye-Bye 2016

Hello 2017

Leather and Wood Eyeglasses Case

Adhesives Box

Etching Mask for PCBs

Double vs.Single Cuts on Acetal Plastic

How Loud is a Pre-Release Machine?

Engraving Anodized Aluminum

Congratulations @takitus - Newest Pre-Releaser!

Baby Groot

Sea Scene - Variable Grayscale Engraving

Rubber Initial Stamp

Guardians of the Galaxy

StarGate Engrave

Lego Coasters

Engraving Comparison with K40 Laser

Engraving on Marble

Projects from Forum Members:

Celtic Knot in OpenSCAD

Engraving on Ceramic Tile

Desktop Bookshelf

Fusion 360 to Glowforge Workflow