Beta project "the console" (Star Trek Lighted Console with Adafruit)



At long last I have time to tell the story.
This is the most ambitious thing I have made so far with the Glowforge, and it took a lot longer then I expected.

A friend of mine got married.
He is a Star Trek fan(atic), and his wife is at least sympathetic to his obsession.
I decided I had to make an appropriate wedding present, and this is the result!
NOTE: due to legal concerns I have obfuscated the logo, but I am sure you can all google it to see what it really looks like. I would love to show it to you in its real version but I Khaaaaan’t.

It is made out of 1/4" plywood cut on the GF and box jointed together.

I ran it over a rounding bit on a router to give it that Star Trek rounded rectangle look.

Then I sanded and spot puttied, and sanded, and primed, and sanded, etc.

Then I masked and painted it

While the paint was drying I cut three layers of acylic and engraved the three parts of the logo on them.

These get stacked up and have these super cool controllable RGB LEDs glued on.

I found three matching potentiometers in the big box’o’pots and made some knobs.

All this gets prototyped and then wired up with a Trinket board from Adafruit.

And finally

There is a power switch and one to change"modes". In the first the knobs directly control the color of each layer, and if you flip the switch the other way the colors change randomly at a speed controlled by the knobs.

Lots of fun, and lots of work.
I think they liked it though!


WOW Josh! That is epic! You’re a good friend to have for whoever received that. :slight_smile:


Josh, this is amazing! I’m so impressed… and I’m glad they liked it!


The more people post (you especially) the more unworthy of this forum I feel.



Wow! So neat!! Love the layered acrylic!!


Awesome as always, @jkopel


That is so cool!


That is awesome! Very nice work
This project encompasses and touches on so many aspects of ideas I have in mind! Love the arduino component and control! Might have to pick your brain a bit about that and the LEDs, as I’ve been learning and working with an arduino board lately.
Once again though, well done!


I’m intrigued about the paint that you’ve used on the box itself. It looks really good. Can you tell me what paint/technique did you use?


Amazing work and a fun project. I can really see why it took much longer than you expected. You’re so smart! :relaxed:


Be still, my fluttering heart! That is a gift that will really be treasured.


This is fantastic @jkopel. I love that you can’t even tell that it was a laser cut project.
It really gets me thinking of some new ideas for projects that i wouldn’t have even thought of trying with a laser cutter. Once again you amaze me with your creativity.


Want. :expressionless:

(Great finishing work…I thought it was metal.)


I would never have known that was a wooden box. Looks like you used a hammer textured paint? Looks really cool. Great job as always. Opens up even more possibilities after seeing that.


I wish i had a [quote=“jkopel, post:1, topic:2712”]
big box’o’pots


But seriously, great job. the paint is incredible, i thought it was plastic or fiberglass as first inspection.


I’m guessing the paint is Hammerite or a similar type of hammered metal paint. Love the project, you can tell you put the time in on the finished quality.


Great project. Am I seeing the edges of the acrylic painted? Does this help control light bleed on the outside edges? Again, super project. I must get myself more trained in the electronics end of making.


I love the battle scars on the sacrificial bench top! Cutting, grinding drilling and flame - breadboards and Arduinos, where ideas become expressed in three dimensions.
Such a professionally finished project emerging from that crucible of creativity is no surprise!

The ability to manufacture a personally themed gift like that is a perfect example of what a Glowforge makes possible.

With such a fertile mind and a nimble workspace, I know Mr. Kopel is enjoying the addition of a Glowforge to his arsenal.
Very inspiring, Well Done Josh!
Thank you for devoting so much of your free time to help refine our investment. :sunglasses:


Beta tester extraordinaire!