Beta projects 13 & 14



Two years ago my wife decided to quit her job as a graphic designer and go to grad school full time. It has been pretty intense, and almost anytime she was asked how things were going she would answer “bananas”. Last weekend she graduated and we had a bunch of friends and family over to celebrate.

I decided we had accumulated a surplus of bananas, and that this was a good opportunity to redistribute them. So I invented my own fiat currency, known as “the banana”, with each coin good for a drink at our party. They came in several styles because I was just screwing around and using up scraps of hardwood and acrylic.

For reference the larger ones are about the size of a US quarter.
The monkeys loved them. :slight_smile:

I also made brackets to hold “ping” ultrasonic sensors and IR distance sensors for some robots my father is making. He apparently bought a bunch of the sensors, but the company has stopped making the aluminum brackets they used to sell. Fortunately they still had a PDF with dimensions available.

I have a more complicated project in the works, but have been having some mechanical engineering issues.


Awesome idea on the drink tokens…making memories too :grin:
Hope your lives are a bit less bananas now…lol

The brackets you made for your father’s project is the main reason why its cool to have a laser in your tool arsenal. Quick easy solution to needing something that is either unavailable or you just dont want to wait for delivery…lol


Nice story to go along with the pictures. These personal items will be so essential to the whole Glowforge experience. Tokens and wooden nickels will be so neat, and never would have thought to do the insert on something so small.


I particularly love the banana tokens. You must have had such fun using them at the party. Wishing your wife congratulations on a huge accomplishment.


Congratulations to her!
Now the intensity will abate - to be replaced with the next challenge…
" what on Earth would man do with himself if nothing stood in his way?" - H.G. Wells

Sweet little inlays!
Thanks Josh!


That is one of the main reasons i decided to get a GF. I love the idea of quickly throwing together a part like that.


Thanks everyone, it is a big relief to have school over but she is excited about tackling new challenges.

@ianauch We have yet to see if they work. He lives on the other side of the country so we have to iterate through the mail. I am sure once he has them in hand he will want revisions (he is an engineer and I am not!). It is huge fun being able to zap things like this out though.


great project and more ideas of things to make.


I LOVE this drink token idea, and very well implemented!

Congrats to Mrs. Josh!


love the drink token idea totally going to steal that :slight_smile:


This would be a perfect application for defocus and bending (or some other bending method). I’ve made a bunch of those sonar mounts with a 3D printer, and they take way longer than you would think.


I did think about just bending them out of acrylic, but the plywood is still a pretty easy thing to work with, and (most importantly) I can mail them flat! :slight_smile:


And your dad makes robots? The only way you could get any cooler is being aliens and will show off your spaceship to me.


I could, but then we would have to abduct you.


So Gratz to the woman of the house…now…we should all use the Banana coins for …what ?..0grayt ideas?..grayt replies?..nah we should just use them as currency amongst ourselves for future help and ideas…yes? :thumbsup:


Will pack my bags ;D


You need more than a towel???


Such a perfect use case!
But… am I the only one getting OCD pains from the flathead/phillips combo?:confounded:


If you were really OCD (by the way it’s actually spelled CDO :slight_smile:) you’d be marveling on the foresight it took to use a phillips on the positive terminal screw and a flathead on the negative terminal screw :grinning:


Careful, if you think that’s bad I can post some photos that will scar you for life. :smiling_imp: