Beta testing?

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Hello, we also applied for the beta program but were not accepted I presume. we have an issue as we are using a state grant to purchase our glow forge Pro for our 3D Print Center here at Keystone College.
The grant ends the end of June and we will be having a ribbon cutting, in October. we are worried that the grant officials will not fund us for equipment we don’t have?
Can you help us get a beta unit? that way we can be sure to have a machine in-house?

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All we can do is apply and cross our fingers. Be sure to include your story!

OK Dan,

Thanks, I think I will reapply as a beta, as I’m not sure when this happened.
and cross my fingers, I’m not surprised y, you have soo many orders for your wonderful machine!
I met you at Makerfaire nyc, best of luck getting everything in order.
Jim Harmon (Liz is our grantwritter)

As above, that’s the only way.

Perhaps for a ribbon cutting you could open the event to the public, get some local reporters over to Keystone, and invite the Glowforge team to perhaps do a TV demo.

Barring that, you might consider speaking with your local hackerspace to see if they’ve got a laser they’d consider bringing out to the ribbon cutting as an example of what the center will have in just a few months. They could use it to drum up public knowledge of the hacker/makerspace at the same time.

Also, I mean - you’ve already purchased the product (with the grant money?). I feel like unless the grant explicitly stipulated that you must have the equipment up and running by the June ceremony that they don’t really have a leg in terms of enforcement.

@elizabeth.ratchford Please note that you are corresponding with other forum members, and not with @dan . They may be very knowledgable based upon what they have read here, but none of us have any direct input into the process except Dan and the rest of the staff.

If you feel as if you have a real issue you might want to email the Glowforge support folks. Although today might not be the day to do it…


Thanks we actually are the local hacker space, lol I think Ill put in a note to Glowforge directly I thought this was the day for that.
Yes we are planning a big public opening!


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Does anyone know how to check if you have applied to be a Beta? I think I did, but would like to be sure.

Glad you all joined the forum. You are a tough case! We have another who was hoping to unleash the Glowforge for students but now can’t. This is going to mess wth some budgets for sure. Hope the grant stays put.

I couldn’t figure out a way to check. I think I applied as well, but I’m not certain. I don’t think there were e-mail confirmations.

If you aren’t sure, apply again. @dan previously mentioned that only the most recent application would be used.

I want to apply :slight_smile:

And you can!

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