Better Way To Print Font?

I have a very specific question that I’m not sure how to answer. I don’t have access to any fancy programs, I mainly use PicMonkey and have had successful results…except for fonts. I have a client who is looking to make half dollar size tokens and wants matching font to her signage. She’s curved the writing and created a PNG of the images. I’ve tried to print them off, but needed to have the machine go over 3 or 4 times and have it set to full power and more condensed pattern and SVG to get it clear.

My problem is, she’s looking for almost 100 and it takes 4 hours to print 6 the current way I’m going. It’s not thin script font, but still needs to be visible. I’m using Medium Draftboard for them.

Any suggestions on how to get a clearer image for the font without having to have it go over 4 times?

Increase the LPI. That will engrave the font deeper and darker. (It’s also going to slow the Print speed down, but it should be a lot faster than four passes.)


Also - is the font in black (as opposed to grey, or any other colour?) - if it’s anything other than black than the laser thinks you want it lighter/shallower.


^ this! ^ i’ll bet this is your issue.


It’s solid black Painter’s Script font I believe is the name.

Ok, then you’re back to @Jules’ suggestion to increase the LPI

You can run a test on a small section (just pick one letter) using this test, and that way you’ll know what it’ll look like before you do the whole thing (in that test it’s labeled Lines Per CM, instead of Lines Per Inch).

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