Small and fast engraving test template

Engraving test!

I know there are many of these out there already but I wanted
something faster than the full blown tests.

After all there is not much difference below 50% power.

This test takes about 12 minutes and just checks between
full and 75 percent engraving and is much smaller as not to
waste to much wood. :grinning:

Engraving (546.2 KB)


Hey, thanks!


I think this will come in very handy! Thank you.
Do you know what the setting should be to convert the lines per centimeter to lines per inch?

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Thanks for taking the time to develop and share. I know it will be used :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing this. I am a bit of a N00B here… so excuse the simple questions.

My speed only shows up to 500, you show 1000 in the template.
What does LPCM stand for?

So basically I just add it to a project, and change each square to 100% power, 95%, etc? Does the setting save for an easy repeatable process? (still learning the web app too)


LPCM stands for lines per centimeter - or for some of us in the US lpi (lines per inch). I believe when you actually prepare to engrave this file, your speed will show 1000. The maximum for cut may be 500. And, yes, just change each square to less power to see the effect. You can also leave the power constant at some level and change the lpi as that also will change the look of the engrave.


As dklgood pointed out LPCM is centimeters, even though I am in the US I have been using metric for a long time, a much simpler and universal system for me. Cut and score are a max of 500 but engrave will go to 1000 speed. I am in the early leaning process also, about two weeks with my GF and loving it.


Nice. My circle one gives you 0 to 100 in increments of 5. Uses vary power. And you can shrink it. Maybe try shrinking the tests and getting more on the same size?

Nice share!

Thank you for sharing!