Bevel Cuts

Anybody program a small stairstep series of offset bevel cuts?

It might be impossible. Also how about cutting 1/8 channels in wood?

Better to do on a table saw?


Not sure if this is what you mean, but I experimented with 45º cuts. I made a small box just for fun, don’t see where I shared that, but here is my post showing how it could be done.

As follow-up posts stated, it’s easier on a saw (table or mitre) but the laser does produce a nice clean result. Just takes a little more time.


I have done that on occasion.

and even here

So a table saw is not always a viable alternative. Even cutting into the side of the wood I think a router table is more useful than a table saw.


Here’s a post from @cynd11 with some work she did on mitered corners:


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