"Beverage" Caddy - First Tabbed Box Project


Since Father’s day is right around the corner, I thought I would make a beer caddy for my dad who loves IPA. This is also my first attempt at making a tabbed box, and I used the inkscape plugin to create the base box and then imported into Illustrator to make the rest of the modifications. I ordered a pack of wall mounted bottle openers from Amazon, as I knew that this probably wouldn’t be my last caddy. I engraved “Dr. Mikkelson’s Genuine IPA Emergency Elixir” on the sides with a old picture of my dad from the 70’s. I used Owyn’s Hickory for the outsides, and some Owyn’s Mahogany for the dividers. The pieces are really tight, except for the handle, which I messed up on the slot for the width, so there is a little play. I did not use masking, as I wanted that burned patina look, and I’m happy with the results.

Here are the .ai files if anyone is interested.

Beer Caddy.zip (921.9 KB)


I need to get one made for the son in law.


Nice! I really like the side windows.


Looks amazing! Thank you for sharing your file!


would love the files … but couldn’t make sense of them when I clicked on and tried to open or download :tired_face::glowforge:


right-click with the mouse and Save As. Then you can open the SVG file after it downloads.


vielen danke! Got it now. Did you use 1/4" proofgrade? :glowforge::sunglasses:


Images aren’t loading for me. And right-click from the link gives me a ‘corrupt’ svg file. :frowning:

Excellent piece though! I like the windows as well. Hadn’t seen one quite like that before.


No proofgrade. 1/4" Hickory from Owyn’s. I’ve stopped buying anything except for draftboard from :glowforge: because of warping. The Owyn’s boards I’ve received so far have been really nice.


Not sure why the SVG files aren’t working, so I zipped up the .ai files. Let me know if that works.



This turned out very nice, and the addition of the bottle opener is very clever!

Thank you for sharing the files, this will make an ideal thank you gift for a friend :slight_smile:


Zipped file worked perfectly. Thank you! Very generous of you to share your design. Sincerely appreciated. Really does make a great ‘take it to a party and leave it for the host’ gift.


The side windows and top popper make this 100% worthwhile. Nicely done!


What a great project! You’ll have to update us with his reaction. And thanks so much for the files!


Looks great, thanks for sharing.


Digging the stain and hardware!


The finish was some mineral oil and a coat of clear poly. No stain really, but it looks like it.


Fooled me! :joy:


For this wood and this design I like the decision to go unmasked. The stars on the dividers are a nice touch.

Have you tried the bottle opener? Before seeing your post I’ve seen bottle openers on non-laser made beverage caddies constructed from thicker material. I’ve been wondering how 1) 1/4" wood would stand up to the pressure and 2) how well 1/4" fasteners would stand up to the pressure.


I have not tried the opener yet, but the top screw is mounted to the handle and the bottom screw going through the 1/4" hickory into some backing material for additional strength. I plan on getting a bolt with lock nut to replace the bottom screw, but the current mounting solution seems solid. I’ll open a test beverage tonight and see how it works.