Bigger passthrough?

Hello, does anyone tried (and succeeded) to cut out a bigger passthrough slot at the back of the GF?
Before I get into this: Open Bottom … I really would try that on the back. :grimacing:

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I’ve not seen it but I do know that modifying your case will instantly void your warranty and may exclude you from certain support procedures.

If you only want one slot larger there are ways to bypass the interlocks and run the Glowforge with the door open. Be careful, that safety feature is important… but it can be done.

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I have managed 3/8 material without cutting.

My GF is out of warranty, that’s why I’m asking :sweat_smile:

The plate across the rear of the machine forms the main structure that the two side rails attach to. Obviously it already has a slot in it for the passthrough, but you would have to be conscious of how much you remove and the effect it has on the rigidity of the machine.

Printing with the front lower door open would be far less invasive.

What I’m thinking about:

The area around the rivets holding the rubber shield should be save.

Right, but the passthrough would be really handy for Skate-/Longboards.

Not much point coming up that high, anything over ~.6" above the normal bed height (the base of the existing slot) will impact the air assist duct underneath the head, and you can’t print that high anyway.

I could see going lower, to allow thicker material, but higher doesn’t buy you much.

Also, there’s the cutout for the lid PCB on the back that I think you would be cutting into.


Take the trucks off and most flat decks would be no problem.

If it were me I’d be looking at engraving and cutting veneer to fit and then glue it to the board.


thanks for showing me that fallacy :smile: I should take a break


You still might want it repaired at some point. They can decline to do repairs on modified machines; or you might have to pay to “repair” the modification, if it’s even possible.


The idea of making a thin design to fit over the board is a good one. The Glowforge is designed for a certain range of results, other machines are designed for larger works and have bigger price tags. If you have a market for the tops of boards then perhaps making smaller boards could make the money for the larger machine, plus you would have much more skills to deal with the larger machines. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well, we have had at least one person drop the bottom out of the GF didn’t we?

The enthusiasm before and after the cut was different after a while as I recall,